GTA 5 Story DLC Was Scrapped in Favor of GTA Online

Rockstar’s Decision on GTA 5 Story DLC

Despite the success of Grand Theft Auto Online, many fans were disappointed when Rockstar Games never released any GTA 5 story DLC. However, former Rockstar developer Joe Robino shed some light on why this single-player content was ultimately canceled.

Development Challenges

In a recent interview with YouTuber StanInPlay, Robino revealed that Rockstar was juggling multiple projects simultaneously, including GTA Online, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the in-progress GTA 5 story DLC. The cancellation decision came when the single-player add-on was about halfway completed, as resources were shifted to prioritize the growing success of GTA Online.

Business Priorities

Robino expressed his disappointment with the decision, noting that the canceled DLC was “really, really good.” However, he understood that the overwhelming popularity and profitability of GTA Online made it challenging for Rockstar to justify investing further in single-player content.

“It was hard to make an argument that a standalone DLC would outcompete that,” Robino stated. “I was a little upset about that.”

Adaptation to GTA Online

While the GTA 5 story DLC never saw the light of day, Robino mentioned that elements of the canceled project were repurposed for GTA Online. This adaptation ensured that the studio’s efforts were not entirely wasted, although fans are left to wonder about the untapped potential of the original single-player content.