Switch 2 won’t suffer from component shortages, Nintendo says

Nintendo Ensures No Component Shortages for Switch 2 Launch

Nintendo has reassured investors that the upcoming release of Switch 2 will not be plagued by the component shortages that hindered previous console launches. The company revealed that it has resolved the issue that caused scarcity of Switch 1 hardware in the past, unlike its competitors Sony and Microsoft.

In a statement, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa stated, “That situation has now been resolved for Switch 1 stock. As for the successor to Nintendo Switch, at present we do not think shortages of components will significantly affect production.” This news comes as a relief to fans eagerly anticipating the release of Switch 2.

Nintendo Confident in Switch 2 Production and Supply

Nintendo expressed optimism about its ability to launch and supply Switch 2 consoles smoothly. The company is taking proactive measures to ensure that the expected release of Switch 2 next year goes according to plan. Furukawa emphasized, “We believe that the most important countermeasure against reselling is to produce enough units to meet demand.” Nintendo is committed to meeting consumer demand without facing shortages or scalping issues.

While the official announcement and launch date for Switch 2 are yet to be disclosed, sources suggest that the console is slated for a 2025 release, following earlier plans for Christmas 2024. Fans can expect more details about Switch 2 before the end of this fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2025.

No Price Changes for Switch 1

Despite the upcoming release of Switch 2, Nintendo clarified that there are no plans for a price reduction on Switch 1. Furukawa stated, “Currently, we cannot provide any information about the launch timing or pricing strategy for the successor system. In addition, we are not currently considering a price change for Nintendo Switch.” Fans can expect the pricing strategy for Switch 2 to be revealed closer to its launch date.