What we’ve been playing – giant dragon lads, half-devils, and companion games

5th July 2024

Hello there! Welcome back to our regular update where we delve into the latest games we’ve had the pleasure of exploring recently. From the challenges of Shadow of the Erdtree to the mysteries of Baldur’s Gate 3 and the allure of Diablo 4, we’ve got it all covered.

What gaming adventures have you embarked on lately?

If you’re interested in revisiting some of our earlier gaming experiences, feel free to check out our archives.

Diablo 4, PS5

Diablo 4 continues to captivate players with its seamless gameplay, serving as a refreshing escape from the norm. Despite returning to it after a hiatus, the game still manages to impress with its polished mechanics and engaging content. It’s like revisiting a favorite childhood toy that never fails to bring joy—each session feels like an exhilarating new adventure.

The recent Diablo 4 loot changes. Watch on YouTube

However, one notable challenge I encountered was the significant shift in loot mechanics. Revisiting an older character revealed that all my gear was now considered “legacy,” introducing me to new systems like core augments and schematics for customizable weapons. It was a familiar game yet felt completely fresh, highlighting the evolving nature of modern games. Adapting to these changes may initially be daunting, but it adds a layer of excitement to the overall experience. Despite these alterations, the core gameplay loop of Diablo 4 remains as addictive as ever, ensuring that it continues to be a staple in my gaming rotation for years to come.


Elden Ring, PC

Perhaps some of these weapons would have helped. Watch on YouTube

My recent adventures in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion have led me on a relentless quest to uncover its hidden secrets. One particular challenge involved facing Bayle the Dread, a formidable optional boss residing atop a massive volcano in the game’s southeastern region.

The journey towards this daunting foe was marked by escalating chaos and destruction. From blood-red skies to ferocious winds and red lightning, every step up the mountain felt increasingly treacherous. The eerie landscape littered with dragon corpses painted a grim picture of the impending battle that awaited me at the summit. Despite countless failed attempts and hours of perseverance, I eventually emerged victorious. However, the lingering question remains—was the struggle truly worth it?


Baldur’s Gate 3, PC

Baldur’s Gate 3. Watch on YouTube

Delving deeper into my Dark Urge playthrough of BG3, I’ve encountered a significant hurdle in Act 3. The lack of spellcasters in my party, apart from Shadowheart, has posed a significant challenge during climactic battles. While my current party composition offers some advantages, I find myself ill-equipped to handle the more formidable enemies.

Despite the option to recruit additional party members with diverse abilities, I choose to face the consequences of my decisions and the repercussions of my morally ambiguous actions. Embracing the challenges that come with my choices adds a layer of complexity and authenticity to my gameplay experience.