Where to Find Facewear in FFXIV Dawntrail

The latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV) has been live for a few days now, and along with a new area to explore, it also brings some new features. One of the notable changes is the introduction of the Facewear category, which separates fashion accessories from battle equipment. In this article, we will delve into the details of this new feature.

What Is a Facewear?

In previous updates of FFXIV, players had a category in the Fashion Accessories section dedicated to Spectacles. With the release of Dawntrail, this category has been revamped and now falls under the umbrella of “Facewear.” If you had Spectacles prior to this update, the next section will guide you through the process of converting them to Facewear.

How to Convert Spectacles to Facewear

The process of converting your existing Spectacles to Facewear is simpler than you might think. Follow these easy steps to obtain their equivalent in the new system:

  • Visit a Calamity Salvager
  • Choose Spectacle Exchange from the menu
  • Select the Spectacles you wish to convert to Facewear
  • And that’s it!

Calamity Salvagers can be found in the following locations:

  • Limsa Lominsa: Upper Decks (X: 11.4, Y: 14.4)
  • Old Gridania (X: 10.0, Y: 8.4)
  • Ul’dah: The Steps of Thal (X: 12.6, Y: 13.1)

Converting your Spectacles to Facewear is a breeze!

Where to Find Facewear

While the old locations where Spectacles were obtained still exist, they are now known as “The Faces We Wear,” where you can find a variety of Facewear options:

  • The Faces We Wear – Simple Spectacles: Available for purchase for 3,000 gil from various vendors across Limsa Lominsa, New Gridania, and Ul’dah.
  • The Faces We Wear – Monocles: Another option priced at 3,000 gil and available from the same vendors.
  • The Faces We Wear – Thick-rimmed Glasses: Obtainable for 30,000 MGP at the Gold Saucer.
  • The Faces We Wear – Contemporary Prince-nez: Purchase for 40,000 MGP at the Gold Saucer.
  • The Faces We Wear – Rimless Glasses: Get yours for 70,000 MGP at the Gold Saucer.
  • The Faces We Wear – Minstrel’s Spectacles: Available for 90,000 MGP at the Gold Saucer.
  • The Faces We Wear – Oval Spectacles: Costing 100,000 MGP at the Gold Saucer.
  • The Faces We Wear – Shaded Spectacles: Reward from Crystalline Conflict Series 1 or convert from the Calamity Salvager.
  • The Faces We Wear – Classic Spectacles: Obtainable from various Subaquatic Voyages.
  • The Faces We Wear – Rose-colored Spectacles: Purchase for 3x Rokkon Potsherds from Trisassant in Old Sharlayan.