Fallout: London says “the end is in sight” as testing gets underway

The End Is Near for Fallout: London Mod for Fallout 4

The dedicated team working on Fallout: London, a DLC-sized mod for Fallout 4, has announced that the project is nearing its completion.

This highly anticipated mod, which introduces players to the immersive post-apocalyptic setting of London, is currently in the final stages of testing at GOG to ensure compatibility with all supported machines.

Fallout London – Next-Gen Update Announcement.Watch on YouTube

Addressing the speculation surrounding the release, the Fallout: London team stated, “The bottom line is that we’ve sent several builds over to GOG for QA testing and are waiting for the final green light.”

The team added, “Once they’ve completed the process of double-checking that Fallout: London and its installer work on all supported machines, we should be good to go. (Yes, we have our own installer, and downgrader too!)”

Expressing gratitude for the assistance from GOG, the team emphasized the importance of the thorough QA process for the project’s success.

“While it may seem like not a lot is going on, we can assure you that the heads of the department have been working non-stop behind the scenes during this time to make the release build as good as it can be. The end is in sight,” the statement concluded.

Fallout: London was originally set to launch on 23rd April 2024, but Dean Carter, the team lead, revealed that the release was delayed due to the arrival of the next-gen update for Fallout 4. The team’s hard work over the past four years stands to be even more impactful with this new update.

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