Fans Get Small BioShock 4 Update After Lengthy Silence

BioShock Fans Excited for BioShock 4 Update

BioShock fans have reason to celebrate as a recent update on the highly anticipated BioShock 4 (or whatever the next game will be called) has been revealed after a long period of silence. In 2019, 2K announced the creation of a new studio, Cloud Chamber, to continue the beloved series, and it seems like the developer is now gearing up for production.

BioShock 4 Dev Team Expanding

The team at Cloud Chamber has posted a significant number of job openings, signaling a surge in recruitment efforts. Senior cinematic designer Jeff Spoonhower took to LinkedIn to announce that these job opportunities are specifically for the BioShock project.

“The BioShock team at 2K Cloud Chamber is expanding!” Spoonhower shared. “We have numerous positions available in various fields such as art, animation, engineering, design, narrative, and production. We are working on an incredibly exciting project, and our studio is open to remote work.”

With 30 available positions, key roles like senior writer, executive producer, and producer are up for grabs. This hiring spree indicates that BioShock 4 may either be in the early stages of development or has yet to enter production. Fans may have to wait for the release, possibly even on the PS6.