Super Mario Odyssey mod is the best way to play hide-and-seek

Rediscovering Super Mario Odyssey Through Hide-and-Seek

Super Mario Odyssey is a standout among 3D Mario games, thanks to its unique features like riding a moped in New Donk City and transforming into a dinosaur to explore worlds. While the game has always been enjoyable, a group of content creators are now playing it in a whole new way by turning its vibrant world into a massive playground for hide-and-seek.

In a video titled “Mario Odyssey Hide and Seek just got CLASSIC,” popular YouTuber and streamer Cjya, known for speedruns and challenges in Mario games, teamed up with five other streamers – SmallAnt, Fir, GrandPooBear, EazySpeezy, and CraftyBoss925 – for a fun-filled stream playing a modded version of the game.

This diverse group of players, each with their unique gaming abilities and styles, are known for putting their own twists on Nintendo games. From completing difficult Mario ROM hacks to creating modded content in Pokémon, they all bring something special to the table, making them the perfect candidates for a game of hide-and-seek in Super Mario Odyssey.

Super Mario Odyssey offers countless hiding spots with its Power Moons, virtual collectibles that Mario must find in the game. The group plays the classic game of hide-and-seek where the seekers count while the others hide. The seekers then have to find and tag the hidden players to win the round.

One memorable moment from the stream involved Cjya chasing SmallAnt across the Cascade Kingdom in a thrilling high-flying pursuit where SmallAnt narrowly escaped via a perfectly timed roll.

Playing hide-and-seek in Super Mario Odyssey has been a long-standing tradition for this group. SmallAnt even commissioned a mod from CraftyBoss in 2022, adding online multiplayer to the game, making it a popular choice for content creators focused on Mario games. In a different game mode, the group also tried their hands at “Prop Hunt,” where players disguise themselves as objects in the environment for an added challenge.

During this current slow period in game releases, exploring new ways to enjoy older games can be refreshing. Streams and videos like these offer a mix of entertaining antics reminiscent of a recess playground, alongside showcasing highly skilled players.