‘River Tails: Stronger Together’ Is A New Co-Op Adventure About Feline And Fish Friendship

Co-op Platformer River Tails: Stronger Together Arrives on Switch

Are you looking for a new co-op adventure to enjoy during summer nights? River Tails: Stronger Together could be just what you need.

This two-player platformer was recently released on the Switch eShop, and it offers a charming experience. Developed by Kid Onion Studio, River Tails allows you to take on the roles of Furple the kitten or Finn the fish as you traverse land and water in a quest to save Furple’s family.

Players who enjoy giving out directions in the midst of chaotic couch co-op gameplay will find plenty to love here. Each character comes with its own unique abilities, requiring teamwork to solve puzzles, defeat bosses, and navigate the challenges of land and water.

The game also includes a single-player mode called ‘Lone Wolf’ for those who prefer solo play. However, like other beloved co-op titles such as It Takes Two and Unravel Two, River Tails is best enjoyed with a partner.

Game Features:

  • Visually stunning natural environments to explore
  • Innovative gameplay with evolving challenges
  • Nail-biting boss fights that test your co-op skills
  • Challenging single-player mode for solo players

Interested in trying out River Tails: Stronger Together? The game is now available on the Switch eShop for £16.75 / $19.99, and you can even get a 10% discount until July 10th.

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