Select PS Plus Members Getting Free 14 Days of Premium

Sony is currently providing a complimentary 14-day trial of the Premium tier to specific PS Plus members. Unlike before, this offer is being delivered through console notifications rather than emails, making it easier to miss. Players are advised to check their console inbox promptly to ensure they don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Who is eligible for the free PS Plus Premium offer in July 2024?

As is typical, the offer is distributed randomly to users. According to one Reddit user, they received the offer after their existing PS Plus Premium subscription had been expired for a minimum of two days. Unfortunately, they overlooked the notification and ended up renewing their membership prematurely.

Given that PS5 notification pop-ups can be unreliable, it is recommended to manually check for any offers through the console’s control panel to avoid missing out like the user mentioned earlier.

Another user shared that they received a 14-day Premium voucher for free after renewing their PS Plus Essential subscription for a year. In a surprising turn of events, Sony also provided an option to convert their 12-month Essential subscription into 182 days of Premium. However, it remains uncertain if users can switch back to Essential after the trial period ends.

For precautionary measures, we suggest taking advantage of the free Premium trial only when your current membership has lapsed and you do not have automatic billing enabled.