More than Meets the Eye – Exploring the Art of Optimus Prime in the Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS Collab

Exciting Collaboration Between Overwatch 2 and TRANSFORMERS

Overwatch 2 is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the iconic TRANSFORMERS franchise, bringing four new Legendary skins for some of Overwatch 2’s beloved heroes. Prepare for an epic showdown between AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS as Optimus Prime x Reinhardt, Bumblebee x Bastion, and Arcee x Illari face off against the menacing Megatron x Ramattra.

Experience the excitement by logging on to Overwatch 2 on Xbox and grabbing the Optimus Prime Reinhardt skin and other Transformers favorites from the in-game shop or Microsoft Store. For the ultimate collection, don’t miss out on the Transformers Mega Bundle. Participate for free and earn exclusive Autobot and Decepticon-themed player icons, name cards, and titles as you engage in thrilling Overwatch 2 game modes. But act fast – this special collaboration event concludes on July 22.

Creative Insights from Bobby Kim on Designing Optimus Prime Reinhardt

To delve deeper into this unique collaboration, Bobby Kim from Blizzard Korea Studio shared his experiences in creating the concept art and design for Optimus Prime Reinhardt, bridging the two fantastic worlds of Overwatch and TRANSFORMERS.

Excitement About Creating Optimus Prime x Reinhardt

Bobby Kim expressed his enthusiasm for working on this project, highlighting the iconic status of the TRANSFORMERS series and the thrill it brings to audiences. He wanted to capture the essence of Optimus Prime’s leadership and bravery in battles against the DECEPTICONS, making Reinhardt the perfect hero to embody this spirit. Incorporating Optimus Prime’s silhouette into Reinhardt’s design added an extra layer of authenticity to the collaboration.

Main Features of Optimus Prime’s Design

When crafting the skin, Bobby Kim focused on integrating elements of Optimus Prime’s robust and truck-like design, such as the distinctive front windshield and exhaust details on Reinhardt’s shoulders. By incorporating sharper, angular parts throughout the skin, Kim aimed to capture the iconic look of Optimus Prime, giving players a sense of speed and power reminiscent of a speeding truck.

Exciting Features for Players to Discover

Bobby Kim highlighted the windshield wipers as a standout feature of the skin, praising the technical artist for bringing this vision to life. The skin also includes various moving mechanical parts that enhance the realism and add an element of fun to the gameplay experience. Players can look forward to exploring these intricate details as they charge into battle with Optimus Prime Reinhardt.

Memorable TRANSFORMERS Experiences

Reflecting on his favorite TRANSFORMERS memories, Bobby Kim recalled the excitement of watching the series as a child and being captivated by the robots’ ability to spark imagination. Even today, the notion of everyday cars transforming into robots continues to inspire daydreams. While he missed out on owning the toys as a child, being part of this collaboration felt like a nostalgic gift to his younger self, bringing back cherished memories of a beloved childhood franchise.

In conclusion, the Overwatch 2 x TRANSFORMERS collaboration has been a dream come true for Bobby Kim and the team, as they merge the worlds of Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, and Arcee with the dynamic gameplay of Overwatch.