Sunny Review

Congratulations to Rashida Jones!

Rashida Jones, star and executive producer of Sunny, convinced Apple and A24 to fund her trip to Japan. However, the end result is a sci-fi thriller that falls short despite an intriguing premise.

An Ordinary Person in Extraordinary Circumstances

In this adaptation of Colin O’Sullivan’s novel The Dark Manual, Jones portrays Suzie Sakamoto, an expat living in Kyoto who receives news of her husband and son’s tragic death in a plane crash. But as Suzie delves deeper into the mystery, doubts begin to arise, especially when she discovers unusual clues that question the official narrative.

One of the most intriguing aspects is the gift left behind by Suzie’s husband. He buys her an android companion named Sunny, designed to provide comfort and support. In an unexpected turn of events, Sunny becomes the key to unraveling the truth behind the disappearance of Masa and Zen, leading Suzie down a path of dark secrets.