All Deviants’ locations, happiness, and effects in Once Human

Unique Deviants in Once Human

If you’re playing Once Human and looking to collect some unique Deviants, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the interesting Deviants you can find in the game:

Butterflies Emissary

The first Deviant you encounter during the intro missions of Once Human, located in Dayton Wetlands. This Deviant has a Fatal Flaw Auto Attack and is attracted to Green Light and Flowers.


Defeat the Treant boss in the Gaia Cliff Monolith to obtain this Deviant. Found in Broken Delta, this Deviant has Living Armor and is drawn to Crops, Flowers, and High Temperature.

Festering Gel

Obtained by defeating the first boss, Ravenous Hunter, in the Monolith of Greed in Dayton Wetlands. This Deviant has Flawless Fortification and Build Fortification abilities, with a preference for Red Light and 2W power.

Electric Eel

You have a chance to acquire this Deviant by fishing at Meyer’s Market, Docks. Found in Broken Delta, the Electric Eel exhibits Electricity Fluctuations and is attracted to Blue Light, Music, and High Temperature.

Frog The Leaper

This Deviant has a chance to spawn near the lily pads in the water or on top of stacked cars near the Fastened Mini Reflex Sight in Iron River. With Spring Legs abilities, this Deviant is interested in Toys and 2W Power.

Pup Buddy

Exclusive to PvP servers, this Deviant can drop from Morphic Crates found throughout Nalcott. Located in Red Sands, the Pup Buddy is associated with Green Light, Music, and Toys.

Canine Skull

Defeat the fourth boss, Rabizex, in the Monolith of Thirst to obtain this Deviant in Chalk Peak. With abilities like Splinter Strike and Auto Attack, this Deviant favors 5W Power, Red Light, and Low Temperature.


Defeat the boss Arachsiam inside the Mirage Monolith to obtain the Dreamcatcher in Iron River. This Deviant is linked to Blue Light, Music Volume, and Flowers.


Upon completion of the raid in the LEA Research Lab, you may have a chance to drop Rebecca in Red Sands. With abilities like Energy Recover and Mitsuko playing piano, this Deviant is associated with Toys, Flowers, and Green Light.

Logging Beaver

Keep an eye out for this Deviant at the end of the dock in Once Human. Found in Broken Delta, the Logging Beaver has the ability to Fell Trees and is drawn to Music, Crops, High Temperature, and 3W Power.

Gingerbread House

This Deviant may spawn in the map area in Once Human’s Broken Delta. With abilities like Morph Crumbs, this Deviant is attracted to Red Light, Crops, and High Temperature.

Buzzy Bee

Exclusive to PvE servers, the Buzzy Bee may drop from Morphic Crates found in Nalcott. Located in Dayton Wetlands, this Deviant features Variant Planting and has a preference for Music, Crops, and Flowers.