Discover New Games, Events, Content and More in the New Season of Free-to-Play on Xbox


  • Exclusive limited-time collection of free-to-play games with seasonal content
  • Special free-to-play Game Pass Ultimate Perks available
  • Highlighted titles include XDefiant, Call of Duty: Warzone, The First Descendant, and Stumble Guys

Embark on a thrilling two-week journey through our summer free-to-play extravaganza that extends until July 22. This event features fresh game releases like The First Descendant.

Whether you aspire to dominate in battle royale showdowns with your buddies, venture into uncharted galaxies, or unleash your creativity, you’ll find a perfect free-to-play game to match your mood and preferences on your Xbox console.

We’ve meticulously handpicked a selection tailor-made for our Xbox community, highlighting free-to-play games loaded with new content, events, and thrilling adventures for the summer season.


Step into the fast-paced world of this first-person online arena shooter where you engage in intense clashes. Take advantage of cross-play capabilities from launch to team up with friends across various platforms.

In Season 1, XDefiant introduces three new maps. The current addition, Clubhouse, pays homage to a popular R6 map, merging indoor layouts with expanded outdoor spaces. Later in the season, expect the arrival of two more fresh maps: Daytona and Rockefeller.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III Screenshot

Join the action in this free-to-play arena where you battle your way to supremacy. Season 4 is available until July 24, with players exploring a mysterious discovery at Popov Power. Venture into the essence of the mystery and gather DNA samples from foes, altering your playstyles with exciting new features.


Witness epic battles between characters from Looney Tunes, DC Universe, and beyond! Engage in intense 1v1 duels, chaotic 4-player mayhem, or strategic 2v2 matchups in MultiVersus. Experience escalating excitement as the roster expands with new personalities and play styles.

Destiny 2

Embark on a journey through the solar system in Destiny 2, engaging in intense first-person shooter combat. Unleash powerful elemental abilities, personalize your Guardian’s appearance, and partake in challenging missions and PvP modes. Download Destiny 2 for free today and script your legend among the stars.

Experience The Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2, delving into the heart of the Traveler to confront the War of Light and Darkness.

Explore Free-to-Play Perks

Discover bonus loot, skins, and more with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks*, enhancing your gaming experience. Claim exclusive Perks for various games, including:

The First Descendant – New game release!

The First Descendant offers a free-to-play third-person co-op action RPG looter shooter featuring stunning graphics powered by Unreal Engine 5. Engage in epic boss battles, intense co-op gameplay, and diverse weapons with unique characters and combat styles. Join now and unlock an exclusive launch edition pack featuring weapon skins and character customization options.


Enhance your arsenal in Warframe with valuable amenities like Orokin Reactors, Affinity Boosters, and more. Elevate your appearance with the Excalibur Immortal Skin!

Stumble Guys

Prepare your best robot dance moves and claim the Cyborg Bundle in Stumble Guys. Receive the Cyborg Legendary Skin, The Robot Victory Animation, Gems, and Stumble Tokens!

Seeking endless entertainment? Dive into the Xbox Free-To-Play Frenzy, offering a specially curated selection of games exclusively for Xbox enthusiasts. Grab your controller, hit play, and immerse yourself in exciting adventures on Xbox.

*Perks availability varies by region and game. Refer to the Perks gallery on your Xbox console or the Xbox app for detailed information.