How to access Rift Anchors in Once Human

Accessing and Activating Rift Anchors in Once Human

To uncover the secrets of Rift Anchors in Once Human, you may have come across one that seems out of reach. Fortunately, this guide will walk you through the steps to access and activate Rift Anchors in the game.

Unlocking Rift Anchors Through Progression

In Once Human, unlocking Rift Anchors is tied to the main storyline progression. To gain access to these mysterious Rift Anchors, players must defeat specific bosses within the Monolith area. Once the boss is vanquished, players must then acquire the region’s Realm Coordinate Segment, which can be obtained by defeating elite enemies or discovering them in rare chests.

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After completing these objectives, players can then activate the Rift Anchor and delve into new challenges.

The Process of Accessing and Activating

Upon reaching a Rift Anchor in Once Human, interact with it and navigate to the Specials tab in your inventory. From there, select the collected Realm Coordinate Segment and drag it to link with the Rift Anchor. Congratulations, you have successfully accessed and activated a Rift Anchor in Once Human.

Understanding the Significance of Rift Anchors

What do Rift Anchors do in Once Human?
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Activating Rift Anchors grants players access to Rift Entities within the Monolith. By activating these anchors, players can challenge the Entities connected to them, which in turn rewards valuable items upon victory.

In some quests, activating Rift Anchors may be a primary objective. These quests often involve exploration and tasks such as locating weapon crates, gear crates, and opening Mystical Crates in the vicinity.

Thankfully, Rift Anchors are marked on your in-game map, making them easier to locate and activate when needed.

That’s all the information you need to know about Rift Anchors in Once Human. For more game tips and guides, be sure to explore our other content.

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