Palworld team pairs up with Sony for ‘multifaceted global development’

Palworld Developer Launches New Company with Sony Music Entertainment

Palworld developer Pocketpair has announced the creation of Palworld Entertainment, a new company formed in collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment and its anime subsidiary Aniplex. The purpose of this partnership, as stated by the official Palworld X account, is to accelerate the global development of Palworld and expand its reach.

Pocketpair CEO to Lead Palworld Entertainment

According to information on the Palworld Entertainment website, the company will be responsible for handling both domestic and international licensing for Palworld in order to grow its intellectual property. Pocketpair CEO Takuro Mizobe will be leading this new venture. The first initiative of Palworld Entertainment will be to launch new merchandise, which will be available for purchase on the Aniplex website, as stated in a news release.

Potential for Expansion and Collaboration

While the formation of Palworld Entertainment opens up possibilities for new merchandise, the details on how the intellectual property of Palworld could expand remain unclear. Despite the focus on music, Sony Music Entertainment’s involvement goes beyond that. With Aniplex being part of the joint venture, there is potential for collaborations in the realm of anime and video games.

Possibility of Palworld Anime Adaptation

Given Aniplex’s track record of producing anime based on popular games, such as Persona and Fate/Grand Order, there is speculation that Palworld may be adapted into an anime series or movie in the future. More information is being sought from Pocketpair regarding this potential development.

Building on Success and Breaking Away from Pokémon Comparisons

Palworld has often been compared to Pokémon, earning the nickname “Pokémon with guns.” Despite the similarities, Palworld has carved its own path with significant success, selling 25 million copies across platforms within a month of its release. With the ongoing success of the game and recent updates, the collaboration with Sony Music Entertainment and Aniplex signals a new chapter in the growth of the Palworld brand.