Deathbound Launching this Summer on Xbox

The Dark Crusade of Deathbound

Prepare yourself for a thrilling and intense battle as Deathbound is set to launch worldwide on August 8th for Xbox Series X|S! Start your journey by adding Deathbound to your wishlist today and immerse yourself in the dark and brutal world of Zieminal.

Deathbound introduces players to a gameplay experience focused on the party system, massive combo attacks, and a compelling storyline, all within a unique techno-fantasy setting that seamlessly combines elements of sci-fi and medieval times to create an immersive atmosphere.

Let’s dive into the key features of Deathbound that will surely convince you to join the fight in the Forbidden City.

The Essence of Fallen Warriors

Embark on a journey to acquire the skills, memories, and identities of fallen warriors from across Akratya. Merge their distinct personalities and combat styles, effortlessly switching between them during battles.

The Unique Party System

As you absorb the essences of fallen warriors, they shape your party. Deathbound offers a rich party system that allows you to tailor your playstyle through talent trees. Switch between fallen warriors seamlessly to utilize their unique skills and abilities, with their past alliances influencing their synergy in combat.

Master the Dynamic Morphing Techniques

Harness the combined power of fallen warriors with devastating Morphstrikes. Utilize various attack styles to unleash powerful combos and finishing moves, obliterating all your foes in your path.

Explore the Brutal World of Zieminal

Immerse yourself in the world of Zieminal, where a blend of technological advancements and medieval traditions converge in a universe filled with diverse cultures. The Forbidden City of Akratya beckons exploration, with its crumbling architecture and fusion of technology creating a desolate and captivating environment teetering on the brink of destruction.

Conquer Unforgiving Monsters and Bosses

Prepare to face ruthless enemies designed to push your limits to the edge. Each boss in Deathbound embodies one of the five stages of grief, demanding your full focus and determination to emerge victorious.

Are you ready to step into the gates of the Forbidden City of Akratya and confront the horrors lurking within its streets? Join the bloody crusade on Xbox starting August 8th!