Sausage Party: Foodtopia Review

Sausage Party: Foodtopia Set to Debut on Prime Video

For fans of the animated raunchfest Sausage Party, there is exciting news – Sausage Party: Foodtopia is premiering on Prime Video on Thursday, July 11. The new series aims to recapture the same tone and humor that made the original film a hit, featuring a cast of comic all-stars voicing horny, foul-mouthed, anthropomorphic groceries.

Written by Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg, Foodtopia serves as a direct sequel to the 2016 comedy. The series picks up after the events of the movie, with the Shopwell’s supermarket gang venturing outside the store to find a world where food has triumphed over humans in a global war. While some may feel disappointed by the deviation from the original film’s ending, I found it to be a natural continuation of the story.

A Raunchy and Humorous Adventure

Like its predecessor, Sausage Party: Foodtopia is targeted towards adults, featuring extreme violence and sex acts committed by various food items. The series doesn’t hold back on the humor, with an abundance of food-related puns and silly antics that will surely entertain viewers.

  • Bread warriors forming a path of yeast resistance
  • An egg character named Yoko
  • Amusing song parodies of popular rock songs

Despite initial skepticism about the storytelling potential, Foodtopia manages to explore new territory and themes within its eight-episode season. The interactions between characters and the societal dynamics in the food-filled world provide engaging and comedic scenarios.

A Stellar Voice Cast

The returning voice cast, including Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, and Edward Norton, deliver excellent performances that enhance the humor and charm of the series. Additionally, new additions to the cast, such as Sam Richardson and Will Forte, bring fresh energy to the show with their unique characters and comedic timing.

Pushing Boundaries and Breaking the Fourth Wall

Foodtopia doesn’t shy away from pushing boundaries, with explicit and uncomfortable moments that surprise and entertain. The series also cleverly breaks the fourth wall, adding meta humor and self-awareness to the storytelling. The animators manage to bring the characters to life despite the limitations of a TV production.

Dark Humor and Brutality

One of the highlights of Foodtopia is its dark humor and brutal treatment of characters, both food and human. The show explores the twisted consequences of a world where food reigns supreme, leading to absurd and morbidly hilarious situations.