What is Fortnite Creative?

Fortnite Creative is an alternate game mode. If you ever want a break from battle royale, this is where you can go. You can do all sorts of activities on these maps, from practicing aim to playing a different game with friends.

It is also where you can make your own game, similar to Roblox but a bit more limited. You can decorate your map how you please and set rules and mechanics for your activity. You can walk, jump, or fly, but some maps might restrict movement.

You can build or place pre-made structures onto your map. Arrange them however you like, based on whatever rules you can think of. Each player gets four islands to set up as they please. Popular maps can be accessed through the hub map. Otherwise, if you know the island code of the map you want to join or play, you can enter that to find it.

To help with the above, you use a handheld device to manage everything you set up. Pressing ‘P’ will pull up the Phone menu, through which you can do all your building on your island. You can rotate props (what buildings and devices on your island are called) before placing them. It’s also possible to select many props to duplicate or delete them en masse.

You can test the activity on your island through the menu. After finishing, the map returns to its starting state, ready for any edits or the next round of testing. You can publish your island code only through the Support-a-Creator program, which has particular requirements and restrictions. Island Codes may be shared with a hundred other players.

In Chapter 1 (Seasons 7 and 8), a 25×25 area on the island in Fortnite Battle Royale can be replaced by a popular Creative map. This was called ‘The Block,’ and players could enjoy the minigame in it. The feature returned in Chapter 3, Season 2, renaming it ‘The Block 2.0.’ However, players have created their versions of it.

Is There a ‘Creative 2.0’?

A leak came in early 2022 about Creative 2.0, boasting programmable AI, terrain generation, and importable animations. Players can add NPCs to their minigames, making things more complex for their islands.

This will open up new avenues of minigames, ones where NPCs can interfere or help other players. Depending on the programming, they might be able to simulate another player, a big thing for murder mystery minigames. The terrain generation can create new environments and even help in labyrinth/navigation-type minigames. These features will provide a multitude of unique activities players can make.

This was supposed to be released by the end of 2022, but it got delayed to late January 2023.

What’s the Latest on Creative?

Creative update v23.10 brings new features and fixes to the mode. First of all, there’s the Dirt Bike Spawner. It’s perfect for games that require traversing long distances or races. You can even customize them how you want!

Then there’s the Ex-Caliber Rifle that shoots a sword at your enemies that explodes moments afterward. What this weapon can do will be tested in various Creative maps.

On the consumable side, there’s the Slap Berry and Slap Juice. Drinking it would give you a (healing) slap in the face that also energizes you. You’ll have a short-term unlimited energy regeneration, fitting for footraces or taking advantage of charged attacks with melee weapons.

On the Creation side, the update releases the Event Browser. Through it, you can teleport to any ‘event’ you’ve set on your map. It replaces the Channel Browser and summarizes all the devices you’ve set up. The All Devices tab returns, but a Search bar accompanies it for more straightforward navigation.

This is only the initial version of the feature. More functionality will be added in future updates!

Core Updates in V23.10

The Player Collision Capsule has been tightened. You can fit in smaller spaces than before. This could be a good thing for those who want to set up ambushes or hide ‘secrets’ in your maps in Creative.

Some devices have been updated to broadcast a message when players score points:

  • Collectibles
  • Color Change Tile
  • Objective
  • Pinball Bumper
  • Pinball Flipper
  • Score Manager
  • Timer

New customizable options have also been added for the above devices:

  • Display score update on HUD
  • HUD Message
  • Reset HUD Message Score
  • HUD Message Score Color
  • HUD Message Color

The update also provides a new visual style for the Explosive device. Aside from an explosive barrel, you can now set the Device Mesh to ‘Bomb.’ This lets you time its detonation to your liking. There are Proximity Delay and Time to Detonation options from Game Start options.

There’s a new visual style for the Sequencer pulse. When you set the Custom Pulse Style to On, it will have a more visible pulse than the more translucent one.

Billboards now have a ‘Create-only’ option, making it visible only in Create Mode. Also, Guards from the Guard Spawner can now use Chiller and Impulse Grenades. Lastly, a template for an Elimination game is available in Creative Mode.

After that, many fixes for various bugs found during the last cycle were applied. Most notably:

  • Primitive Gallery props will no longer fall through Creative Islands.
  • VFX will now behave properly
  • HUD Controller options work correctly now, even those on Allow Building options other than Do Not Override
  • The Prop Mover will now properly collide and reverse when intersecting with other props or devices.
  • Mutator Zone Plate options will now retain the changed values.
  • Score Manager option names are optimized and clarified.
  • Fuel Pump and Water devices received tags.
  • Teleport devices using the Link to Target option will function properly in all situations.
  • HUD score colors will reflect the set colors instead of defaulting to blue.
  • Fixed the issue that allowed players to enter the golden rift even if the island was deleted, breaking the programming and trapping players in an in-between mode where they can’t do anything
  • Players can now publish two islands subsequently.
  • DBNO players can now take fire damage
  • Players can now teleport even when mantling right when the process starts.
  • Players will no longer spawn under the map.
  • Direct Event Binding works appropriately.
  • Matchmaking will now start when creators first step into their golden rift.
  • Grapple Glider will function properly.

That’s all for the latest update of Creative! Have fun creating new games for others to play.

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