Get the Toornament Report 2022

The “Toornament Report 2022” is out! We are delighted to publish the first edition of our annual report analyzing the state of esports tournaments around the world in 2022.

The report provides detailed data, charts and insights on esports tournaments, their breakdown across video games and game types, prize money awarded, live audiences and more. You will also find the list of players and teams that won the biggest cash prizes during the year.

Finally, you will also find data on the tournaments organized using in 2022.

Here is the Toornament Report 2022 summary:

  1. The report executive summary
  2. The total prize money distributed and tournaments organized
  3. The prizes money and tournaments share by game type
  4. Top 10 games by prize money
  5. Top 10 tournaments by prize money
  6. The most winning players of the year
  7. The most winning teams of the year
  8. The most popular esports games on Twitch
  9. activity data in 2022
  10. The most popular esports tournaments

The Toornament Report 2022 draws up a snapshot and assessment of the year with its evolution compared to 2021.

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