NetEase Games Global Developer Network Benefits Studios and Gamers

Over the last 20 years, China-based gaming and tech company NetEase Games has accumulated a great deal of experience in research and development. Games, such as Identity V, Knives Out and Naraka: Bladepoint have attracted international audiences.

As NetEase Games continues to move towards an international playbook, the company is aiming to have between 40 and 50 percent of its revenue come from markets outside China.

Yingfeng Ding, Executive Vice-President of NetEase & Co-President of NetEase Games, has introduced this direction to the company. This approach builds upon NetEase’s experience and expertise while establishing the company as a significant player in the rapidly evolving global games market.

Walking on two legs

Part of this effort is also extending the focus to overseas markets with a multi-level approach described as “walking on two legs”. This concept is where NetEase’s own games are complemented by strategic investments in studios around the world.

“As a company with many years of building relationships with games development talent, it’s important for NetEase to consider our global presence and work with partners that can help bring the right content to the right audiences in all parts of the world,” explains Yingfeng Ding. “NetEase prioritises the self-expression of creators alongside the needs of gamers and fully respects the creative freedom studios need to be successful.”

NetEase prioritises the self-expression of creators alongside the needs of gamers and fully respects the creative freedom studios need to be successful.

Yingfeng Ding

Yingfeng Ding’s vision and global strategy are built upon three fundamental pillars:

  • A focus on self-developed games
  • Foster global development talent and the gamers they serve
  • Highlight creativity and innovation in every project

These elements are in alignment with key aspects of NetEase’s efforts to service the passions of creators, including:

  • Provide the creative freedom needed to build themes and gameplay in which partners are most passionate
  • Give creators full authority and autonomy to manage their own teams
  • Provide creators with a worry-free environment to fully focus on their projects and success

NetEase has built a significant developer community of tens of thousands around the world. In the past few years, the company has built connections and relations with many of the top game studios in Japan, the United States, Europe, and beyond, thanks to numerous investments, joint ventures, co-development projects and more. As part of its focus on fostering regional expertise, NetEase is also building a global network of first-party studios led by creators with successful track records.

Studios in the global network include:

  • Grasshopper Manufacture, Nagoshi Studio, GPTRACK50 (Japan)
  • Quantic Dream, Spliced, Inc (Europe)
  • Jar of Sparks, Jackalope Games (United States)

Join the programme

As an experienced developer and publisher, and home to many passionate gamers, NetEase is now extending an invitation to other games studios around the world to join its community of game creators. In this model, NetEase empowers its game studios and development partners by providing access to a partner program where they have the resources, autonomy, and creative freedom to bring their gaming vision to life.

NetEase will continue to provide funding, technology, resources, and other support to developers, and organize communication and sharing sessions with the leading creators in the global community. These elements allow game developers to inspire each other and fully release their creative potential.

NetEase also plans to create more tailored content for other markets, producing games focused on cultural backgrounds, gaming habits and preferred genres/business models in each region. With this strategic vision, NetEase looks to build upon its success and ensure a strong future.

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