RimWorld – How to Harvest Organs

RimWorld likes to make players tread a morally gray line as they try to survive the harsh planet they landed on.

There are many things that you can do to make money quickly in RimWorld, but one of the most efficient sources of income is organs.

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Since you will get attacked by hundreds of raiders all the time, getting prisoners that you can harvest the organs of can be really easy.

So, to allow you to use the best money-making technique in the game, here is how you can harvest organs in RimWorld.

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Why Harvest Organs in RimWorld

There are three reasons why you would want to harvest organs in RimWorld:

  • For Silver
  • For Emergency Situations
  • To Level Up Medical Skill

Harvested organs can never deteriorate naturally. This means that once you have harvested someone’s organs, you will get to keep them forever.

This can be incredibly useful if one of your characters gets a deadly disease or starts having organ failures.

Having some backup organs can be incredibly useful to keep your pawns alive. And, if you never need to use them, you can always sell them for absurd amounts of silver.

The market value of most organs in RimWorld is around 1k silver, making them one of the most expensive goods on the market.

The last reason you would need to harvest organs is just to level up your doctor. Operations boost your Medical skill to the heavens, and doing them on people that don’t matter (prisoners), allows your doctor to get extremely good, extremely fast.

Making your doctor incredibly skilled in Medical is also going to help your colony in the long term, as they will be able to successfully do operations on your pawns when they will need it.

How to Harvest Organs in RimWorld

To harvest organs in RimWorld, you just need to follow these easy steps:

  1. Select the person you want to harvest the organs from.
  2. Click on the Health category for them and then choose the Operations option from the top of the menu.
  3. Add bill.
  4. Harvest any organ you want.

The best order to harvest organs would be to first get one kidney, one lung, and then the heart or liver. This way, you can get the most amount of organs from your donor you can.

Depending on the Medical skill of your doctor, this can either succeed or fail. Most often than not, you have a high chance of failing if your doctor has their Medical level under 10.

Surgery in RimWorld requires a good doctor with at least 100% Manipulation and Sight. Make sure that the room is lit and that your doctor is capable if you don’t want your patient bleeding out.

A thing you should know about harvesting organs is that the faction of the pawn that you harvested the organs from will be very angry with your actions.

This is why, if you are raided by a faction that has a -100 relationship with you, there is nothing to lose by capturing their fighters and harvesting their organs.

That’s everything you need to know about how to harvest organs in RimWorld!

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