Quick ways to earn money in Like a Dragon: Ishin

In Like a Dragon: Ishin, there are some expensive items you’ll want to purchase. You will require more funds virtually every time you turn around, but they can be scarce. Luckily, there are ways to get around that. Here’s our guide on quick and reliable ways to earn money in Like a Dragon: Ishin.

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Quick ways to earn money in Like a Dragon: Ishin

During your adventure, you’ll likely want to spend lots of money purchasing and upgrading weapons. You might also need to pay to recruit better soldiers for your squads, since they provide passive skills in combat. And you have a villa to pay off, along with other expenses.

To earn money most dependably in Like a Dragon: Ishin, plant a garden at the villa and improve it as early as possible. There’s no faster way to reliably amass a fortune in the main campaign.

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When you first acquire your garden, after gaining access to Ryoma’s Villa early in the campaign, you have only a small patch of soil. Spend Virtue first to expand its size. Then increase the variety of vegetables you can grow, and improve performance in general. You should also purchase a superior scarecrow, which causes you to lose fewer crops to vermin. All of these improvements cost Virtue, but you gain additional Virtue by regularly harvesting crops and then using them to cook recipes in your house.

Like A Dragon Ishin Haruka Order Fulfilled

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Once you grow enough vegetables, you can tend to customer orders located at the desk in one corner of your house. Have Haruka deliver those orders to the marketplace. Initially, you field orders for only very basic vegetables. As you grow crops frequently and visit your villa often, you should have no trouble producing and selling superior crops. When you fulfill a few rounds of orders in succession, the rewards increase for several rounds before dropping back to their base value.

Like A Dragon Ishin Manure Merchant

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Fulfilling certain orders rewards you with bonus items, including the Fertilizer. You can also purchase it for 500 mon from the Manure Merchant who wanders along the edges of the main street through Rakunai. Fertilizer allows you to grow crops more quickly. By the campaign’s end, you should regularly be able to fulfill lucrative orders that yield multiple ryo at once. If you acquire extra crops of a particular type, you can sell them to pawn shops. The most expensive crops fetch a hefty sum.

Like A Dragon Ishin Selling Platinum Plate

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Although the garden is the best way to generate income, it is not the only one. You also gain mon when you defeat enemies in street brawls. The rewards aren’t as substantial, but you can slowly build up a decent balance.

Once you gain enough Virtue, you can also persuade the Shinto Priest at the shrine in northwest Rakunai to offer up the Platinum Plate for 16,000 Virtue. This precious item sells for nearly four ryo at pawn shops. However, there are much better uses for Virtue throughout most of the game. Gardening and vegetable sales remain the fastest routes to monetary success.

Like a Dragon: Ishin can be purchased on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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