DOTA 2 Realm Of Chaos Guide

Despite being one of the most fun and addictive competitive MOBAs, regular players of Dota 2 can often feel bored or burnt out from the game. Luckily, you can install custom Dota 2 mods for a fresh gaming experience. Realm of Chaos is one such Dota 2 mod that sways from its traditional playstyle and provides you with a different way of enjoying it with your friends.

In this guide, we walk you through every aspect of the Realm of Chaos that you need to know, including all sorts of quests, items, and skills needed to beat the game. So, buckle up, and let’s get started.

What Is Realm Of Chaos?

Developed by Avalon Studio Official, Realm of Chaos serves as a custom game mod for Dota 2. In this mode, you select one of the five available heroes, with your main objective being the defense of your base(sounds familiar?). You will face hordes of enemies coming in the form of waves.

As the waves of enemies keep increasing in difficulty, soon you’ll find yourself overwhelmed if you’re under-leveled. However, you can complete various quests to level up your character, equip several weapons and armor sets, and craft items for a solid build.

Realm Of Chaos Guide

Realm of Chaos is an extremely challenging mod to beat, even for veteran Dota 2 players. It puts you up against tough waves of enemies and bosses. It is essential to properly manage your time, items, and quests for victory. Therefore, our guide provides you with the necessary knowledge for mastering this mode.


There are 2 main objectives in this game:

  1. Complete the main storyline to become Saint.
  2. Defend your base from the waves of enemies.

Failure to defend your base will result in game over. Therefore, during your quests, visit your base from time to time and defend it from any attacking enemies. Besides these main objectives, you can complete various side quests, craft items, allocate skills, and so on.


Completing quests is the bread and butter of the Realm of Chaos. They are essential for earning gold and experience, which is needed to purchase items and level up your character. Let’s take a look at the various types of quests present in the game.

Main Questline

The main storyline is needed to finish the game. Hence you will spend a large number of your time tackling all the main quests. From the spawn location, climb down the stairs and turn right. There, you will come across the Blue Storm Spirit, which allocates you the main quests. 

That said, due to the virtue system in Realm of Chaos, you need a certain amount of virtue/essence to continue completing main quests. Virtue is earned through completing various tasks and side quests. A list of main story quests is given below:

Initial QuestsKill 15 WolfsKill Wolf KingKill 15 Fishie
600 Virtue / EssenceKill Fishie KingKill 15 RikisKill Mountain KingKill 15 SpidersKill Spiders QueenKill 15 Snow DemonsKill Bear King
1500 Virtue / EssenceKill Godly Beast 1Kill Godly Beast 2Kill Godly Beast 3
2500 Virtue / EssenceKill Godly Beast 4Kill 15 Voodoo SoldiersKill Xing TianKill 15 Little Soldiers

Side Quests

In addition to the main storyline, you can take on a number of side quests for extra gold and XP. Explore the entire map to find side quests throughout various regions by talking to all the NPCs in each region. The side quests specific to each region are listed below:

Demon valleyKill 15 wolfsKill wolf king
Fishie beachKill fishie kingKill fishies return “Pearl of East Sea”Kill fishie king return items dropped from him, get Class ‘A’ amulet!
Demon MountainKill 15 rikisKill mountain king
Snow MountainFind information regarding traveler’s wife

Boss Quests

In order to start Boss quests, you need at least 1000 virtue/essence. Once you meet the requirement, talk to Warlock, located at the bottom-right side of Blue Storm Spirit. He will give you boss quests which are listed below:

  • Kill Snow Demon
  • Kill Moutain King
  • Kill Spider Queen

Wings Quests

Wing quests are additional objectives that you can complete to unlock more items. More specifically, completing these Wings quests is crucial to unlocking your 4th and final skill/spell. Therefore, we have listed the Wings quests below:

MiranaKill 15 Little SoldiersKill 15 Demon Soldiers
Spectre or SilencerKill 15 Demon Soldiers

Special Quest

Once you reach level 30, talk to Warlock for a special weapon quest. Completing this weapon quest rewards you with a Godly weapon.


There are several item sets in the game that can be equipped to enhance your attributes and provide supplementary bonuses. With that said, it is recommended to equip items of the same set rather than a mix of armaments. The item sets in the game, along with the methods of obtaining them, are listed below:

Item SetWhere To Obtain
Agility setChristmas gift
Wolf setObtained after completing Demon Valley Side Quests
Lich king setDropped from Rikis and Mountain King
Demon setObtained after completing Demon Mountain Side Quests
Beast setCan be crafted
Divine setCan be bought from the shop


Unlike Dota 2, you can’t use your hero’s abilities from the get-go. You need to unlock these abilities in the form of skills as you progress through the game. Each character has 4 spells as skills and a teleportation skill. These skills, along with their unlocking requirements, are listed below:

SkillHow To Unlock
First SkillDefault
Second SkillUnlocked at level 15
Third SkillUnlocked by completing 5 Skill quests and killing all Godly Beasts
Fourth Skill (Ultimate)Unlocked by completing all Wings Quest


Another fun aspect of the mod, Realm of Chaos, is the Crafting skill. You can craft certain items if you possess its crafting material. Each craftable item in the game, along with its required material, is described below:

ItemMaterial Required
Pangu Great CreationPearl, Blood, Bell, Tear, Bone, Seal
Beast AmuletPhoenix’s Spirit, White Tiger’s Spirit, Dragon’s Spirit, Tortoise’s Spirit
Beast ArmorPhoenix’s Wing, White Tiger’s Teeth, Dragon’s Egg, Tortoise’s Shell

General Tips

Some general tips that can be helpful throughout the game are described below. Go through them carefully.

  1. Whether you’re exploring the map or completing quests, make sure you have the defense of your base in the back of your mind. If you can’t protect it from the swarming army of enemies, you will lose on the spot. Hence, keep checking your base from time. You can also use a courier to upgrade the defense of your base.
  2. As soon as you spawn in the game, don’t forget to pick up your starting bonus called the Adventurer’s Present. Go to the bottom left stairs and talk to the NPC there. It will drop a Christmas Gift for you, which can be used to unlock various starting perks.
  3. The number of enemy waves indicates their difficulty level:

Easy and Normal Difficulty = 25 Waves

Hard Difficulty = 30 Waves

Impossible Difficulty = 35 Waves

  1. If you’re speedrunning the game, you can do so by solely focusing on the main quest line and increasing your virtue/essence in the game.

Final Thoughts

We hope this concise yet thorough guide has helped you understand this fun yet extremely challenging Dota 2 custom mod, Realm of Chaos. For similar Dota 2 guides, be sure to check out more gaming guides & tips on our page!

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