Forza Horizon 5 revealing second expansion in livestream this Thursday

There’s some good news if your Forza Horizon 5 experience is starting to get a little grey around the edges; Microsoft and developer Playground Games will be announcing the open-world racer’s next expansion this Thursday, 23rd February.

This mysterious new addition will be Forza Horizon 5’s second paid expansion, following on from last year’s Hot Wheels update. That introduced what Microsoft called the series’ “most extreme tracks ever devised” high above Mexico, as well as ten new vehicles.

There’s no real hint as to what Playground Games has in store for expansion number 2 – I gave a quick squint at the reveal announcement art and came away none the wiser – but Microsoft previously said it would add “a new location, vehicles, and gameplay”. Or maybe when you fire it up, it’ll just promise to give you a copy of Call of Duty for the next ten years.

Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels – DF Tech Review.

All will be revealed this Thursday, 23rd February, at 5pm in the UK/9am PT, with Playground Games’ announcement livestream set to air on Twitch.

Today’s reveal details follow the news last month that six members of the Playground Games team – including Forza Horizon 5 creative director Mike Brown – had left the studio to form new developer Maverick Games, which is currently working on an “exciting ultra-high quality title”.

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