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Company of Heroes 3 takes you to the Italian and North African theaters of World War 2. From the green fields and beaches of Sicily to the desert sands of Libya, you’ll command countless troops belonging to the US Forces, UK Forces, German Wehrmacht, and Afrika Korps. Apart from skirmish and multiplayer modes, you’ve even got two campaigns that will test your mettle, including one that provides a more dynamic approach. Here’s our Company of Heroes 3 guides and features hub to help you with some of the basic mechanics, the dynamic campaign, and skirmish battlegroups.

Note: We’ll add more articles to our Company of Heroes 3 guides hub, so stay tuned.

Company of Heroes 3 guides hub

Official reviewCompany of Heroes 3 has two major campaigns, various game modes, and numerous battles. Still, there are some notable issues. Is the latest iteration of this real-time strategy (RTS) series worth your while?

How to equip Devil’s Brigade and other cosmetics – You can obtain and equip certain cosmetics that will change the looks of some soldiers, vehicles, and even structures.

How to heal and reinforce units – Keeping your squad in tip-top condition is of tantamount importance.

How to use Photo Mode/Screenshot Mode – You can marvel at vast countrysides, the endless desert, and all the chaos happening around you.

How to use Tactical Pause – Although this is an RTS game, those who are unfamiliar with the genre can learn the ropes by activating Tactical Pause, allowing you to issue orders to your units with the action and hostile engagements temporarily halted.

Italy Dynamic Campaign Map guide – This particular campaign sees your units set foot on the boot of Europe, slowly making your way north to drive back the Nazis. You’ll use naval bombardment, movement points, reconnaissance, and company commands to liberate Rome and all of Italy.

How to capture towns – Capture towns as you paint the map in your colors.

How to use Partisan Hubs and Partisan Actions – The Italian Resistance will provide aid by way of their sabotage expertise.

Loyalty rewards and perks – Along the way, you’ll be given various choices that will affect how commanders view your actions, and you’ll earn perks, too.

US Forces Battlegroups – This Company of Heroes 3 guide takes a look at the different boons you can activate as the United States of America.

British Forces Battlegroups – Will you use the power of the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force, or punch through defenses with your Indian Artillery?

Wehrmacht Battlegroups – Unleash the blitzkrieg, or lightning war, as you focus on Panzer breakthroughs and combined arms maneuvers with your deadly Luftwaffe.

Afrika Korps Battlegroups – The Afrika Korps relied on both the German war machine and the capabilities of their Italian comrades.

Company of Heroes 3 is available via Steam.

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