Dark and Darker Best Solo Class

The game might still be a demo, but players have already cast their judgment. There is enough content that they feel confident that this is it. Of course, there could be more classes in the future, but they’re working with what they have. Without further ado, here are the best picks for solo play in Dark and Darker.

1. Fighter

They have been described as a ‘swiss army knife’ class. They have good survivability with their shields and come with self-healing skills. However, their weaknesses include being a jack-of-all-trades class and range. The former means they do okay with damage, survivability, and perks but can never match a specialized role. Range is easily solved with a shield to block projectiles, so it’s not much of a weakness.

Their averageness works to balance the rest of the classes, though, and there are many other strategies you can use to make up for those weaknesses.

2. Ranger

Rangers are the undisputed king of keeping at a distance. They have high damage output, some preventative measures through traps, and even a self-recovery option. Rangers can easily 1v3 other teams, especially if the opponents are all melee. Still, they can put up a fight against other Rangers.

It’s an excellent solo class but practice with your chosen weapons because skill tips the balance more often than build. You can’t always coast on brute force!

3. Wizard

Wizards may seem the worst option because spellcasting takes time, and they have little to no health or defenses. However, masters of the class can run solo due to their versatility. Spells have excellent utility, from AoE Chain Lightning and Fireball to supportive or crowd control Haste and Ice Bolt. There’s usually a spell for every situation, and practiced Wizards know which one to use in every given one.

They also have Invisibility that helps them avoid encounters. The only downside to this is the steep mastery requirement.

4. Cleric

In a game where you must survive to escape, healing spells become one of the most necessary things to bring along. They also match Fighters in combat ability and survivability, surpassing the other class in the latter. They can also use their holy spells to cleanse the undead that lurks in the dungeons.

Still, they shine the most in a team due to their recovery utility. They work as a solo class but not as well as other options.

Barbarian and Rogue

So why are Barbarian and Rogue at the bottom?

While other players can swear the Rogues are a good solo class, it’s highly situational. They’re great when ambushing another solo player (or at least one isolated from their team). However, take one hit, and you can say goodbye to your chances of escaping with loot. Barbarians are too slow. They may be tanky, but that alone does not compensate for their heavy swings.

These two classes are better off teaming up with others because they have situational advantages not often found in solo play.

Some Tips for Solo Play

Make judicious use of the walk function to keep other players from noticing you. Since you don’t have allies to fall back on, you must be cautious and keep yourself safe. Always check corridors and rooms thoroughly to avoid getting ambushed!

Use the environment for PvE. It’s a good thing the NPC AI isn’t brilliant, so you can use other traps to defeat skeletons wandering around.

Don’t be afraid to play dirty and take advantage of all you can. Camp in well-traveled spots and ambush players trying to revive their allies. Let them engage the skeletons and other AI enemies while you loot the room or escape. You can run toward the Death Cloud to escape pursuers if you’re using a tanky enough character. They likely won’t follow you in, but this method can also leave you trapped.

Always make sure you have an escape route. Tactical retreats are suitable for escaping an unwinnable situation. Don’t let yourself get backed into a corner!

Practice your chosen class. Figure out how you can best use your skills and abilities to the fullest, and you’ll see that you can survive for more extended periods. Mechanical and technical skills can sometimes bridge the gap between builds, especially since you have more control in combat than in other games.

The game might have more classes in the future, so check back later to see what has changed.

Enjoy Dark and Darker!

Whether solo or in a group, have fun playing Dark and Darker! This medieval-style battle royale dungeon looter game will keep you on your toes. You can never be too sure what will happen on your next run with both NPC and player-controlled enemies.

Have fun exploring dungeons, looting treasure, and escaping the Death Cloud!

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