Fire Emblem Engage – How to Change Difficulty

In Fire Emblem Engage, there are three different difficulty settings you can choose from for your playthrough.

Each of them makes slight tweaks to the game to suit each player’s capabilities.

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Changing your difficulty settings in Fire Emblem Engage is easy to achieve and can be done at any point during your time at Somniel by simply interacting with your bed.

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How To Change Difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage

To change the difficulty of the game in Fire Emblem Engage, you will need access to your room in Somniel.

This means you will need to clear the current battle or chapter you are playing through and return to explore the safe sanctuary you call home.

Once you have arrived at Somniel, head over to your room. If you’re having trouble locating your room on the map, you can open the Somniel fast travel map to reach this destination in no time.

Now that you’ve entered your room, you’ll need to head over to your bed and interact with it to open the bed menu.

Within the menu that appears, there is an option to change difficulties.

FE Engage - How to change difficulty

However, you’ll need to know that you can only decrease the difficulty level, as it is impossible to increase.

This means you must be sure of your decision before switching difficulty levels.

FE Engage - How to change difficulty

If you’re certain you want to increase your difficulty, unfortunately, the only way to do so is to start a new game and select the higher difficulty from the options that appear when setting up your save file.

All Differences Between Fire Emblem Engage’s Difficulty Settings

Fire Emblem Engage has three different difficulty settings to choose from when playing the game – Normal, Hard, and Maddening.

  • Normal mode is encouraged for new players to the franchise and those who are looking for a more relaxed playthrough.

This mode is designed for a smooth gameplay experience that allows a player to learn the ropes of Fire Emblem games or simply enjoy the strategy without the stress of planning and executing strategies and counters for every scenario meticulously.

  • Hard mode is suited to those who are familiar with the Fire Emblem games and has a few significant tweaks to up the stakes from Normal mode.

Hard difficulty contains more difficult combats with an increased number of enemies. These enemies will also have increased stats and more refined uses of their abilities. Rewind charges will also be limited to 10 per battle, making strategy much more vital.

  • Maddening mode is the most challenging difficulty setting in Fire Emblem Engage, designed to give veteran players a true challenge.

In Maddening mode, several tutorials and pointers are skipped over, and you cannot save your progress during any battles. The number of enemies and their stats will increase further from Hard mode, and some will even learn skills. In this difficulty, it will be much more difficult to gain experience and level up your units.

That’s everything you need to know about how to change difficulty in Fire Emblem Engage.

What difficulty have you selected for your playthrough? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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