Should you kill Kelvin in Sons of The Forest?

In Sons of the Forest, you’re joined by an NPC companion named Kelvin. He exists to help you out with whatever you may need, from gathering resources to building makeshift shelters or fires. Kelvin is a good dude, and those who want to remove the busywork of survival may find him handy indeed. But what if you don’t want him around anymore? Can you kill Kelvin in Sons of the Forest, and should you?

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Sons of the Forest: How to kill Kelvin, and the consequences

Kelvin is an NPC character, but he isn’t invincible. He doesn’t fight enemies for you, but that doesn’t mean he too won’t be targeted by cannibals and other foes. Kelvin may find himself in a tough situation, and will need your help. He only has so much health, and once he takes enough damage, he’ll drop to his knees. If this happens, you can hold ‘E’ to put him back on his feet. But, let’s say, for experimental reasons, you want to do the deed yourself.

Yes, you can kill poor Kelvin in Sons of the Forest. After causing enough damage to put him into his ‘rescue’ state, you can either throw one more whack with an ax or use a bullet to finish him off. Kelvin will drop, and he’ll become just one more digital corpse on the island.

I’m a monster. Screenshot by PC Invasion

Can Kelvin come back after death?

Sorry to say, that once you kill off Kelvin, he’s gone for good. You’re only chance to save your immortal soul is to reload your save. He won’t be around to help you out anymore. As far as I can tell, there is nothing to gain from killing Kelvin, outside of maybe reducing some stress before reloading your save file. It’s just like Skyrim all over again.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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