Exoprimal Open Beta Leaked on PlayStation Store

An Exoprimal open beta has been leaked on the PlayStation Store for PS4, although it is assumed the beta will also be coming to PS5. This will be the first time PlayStation players will be able to get their hands on the game as the original closed network test only took place on PC.

When is the Exoprimal open beta?

Capcom is yet to announce a date for the Exoprimal open beta and the leaked store listing discovered by PSN Releases did not reveal a start date either. Players believe it will take place in the spring after the game’s PR promised that game updates would resume around then. Very little of the game has been seen since last year.

The beta has only been discovered in the PS4 store for Japan and it is unknown whether the beta will be available in other regions. However, the closed network test was available worldwide so it would be safe to assume the open beta will follow suit when it is announced.

Many players are hoping the open beta improves on the experience of the closed beta test that raised issues with the game’s PvP system that allowed for spawn camping and implemented a strange system for scoring. Details and timing for the beta are expected to be released soon.

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