Huawei tempt users into their Appgallery with Epic Seven

Huawei has launched action-RPG game Epic Seven by developer Smilegate in its AppGallery app store, with a whole host of incentives designed to bring users on board.

Epic Seven, based on an upcoming anime series by studios A1 Pictures and Aniplex, is already available on other storefronts. Now Huawei is attempting to tempt users to enter the Huawei AppGallery by offering exclusive starter packs and other benefits to players.

VP of Huawei Mobile Services Europe, Jaime Gonzalo spoke about the potential of this new launch. “The AppGallery team is made of gamers, which explains our strong connection with our audience,” he said. “As such, we are thrilled with the launch of Epic Seven, both for the opportunity that this opens for us to keep delighting our core users, and for ourselves as fans of immersive manga-style sagas full of impressive animations of magic skills, extravagant characters, impossible weapons, and challenging adventures full of adversaries.”

“We hope all our AppGallery users will have as much fun with this game as we did. And to sweeten the launch even more, we enabled some exclusive gifts for every mobile phone user accessing AppGallery.”


Huawei have been eager to promote the Appgallery as a viable alternative storefront for developers and publishers. Last year we spoke to Gonzalo, and he explained exactly how Huawei intends to make the Appgallery appealing for users and developers alike, specifically with the incentives strategy demonstrated here.

“It is true that AppGallery is the youngest brother – in terms of age – compared to all other app marketplaces. However, its popularity keeps growing every month, even beyond Huawei devices. We see, especially among gamers, that many of them are installing the AppGallery app on their devices from all Android brands, in order to benefit from the exclusive offers that we offer compared to the standard Android experience.”

In the short term offering exclusives can be a great tactic to expand user base and visibility with the aim being that once offers and investment recede, a loyal customer base will stick around for longer.

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