Project Zomboid – How to Use Generator

In a post-apocalyptic world like Project Zomboid, resources are limited, and survival is undoubtedly a daily struggle. Using a generator is a crucial skill that can mean the difference between death and life.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the generator in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, a generator can be used only after being filled with gas and connected to the power system of any structure. In addition, you need an Electrician occupation or to have read the How To Use Generators magazine to know how to operate the generator.

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How to Use Generator in Project Zomboid

First, you need to locate the generator in Project Zomboid.

Find the Generator

The generator can be found in garage stores, warehouses, tool sheds, and self-storage facilities.

Moreover, you can spawn the generator via Project Zomboid cheat, but it may ruin your gameplay experience. In addition, a generator can be crafted but requires add-ons or mods.

When you’ve found at least one generator, it’s time to move it to where you want to have the power.

You can’t put the generator in your inventory, but you can pick it up and put it in the vehicle or carry it yourself.

While carrying the generator, you are unable to use weapons. Also, the generator’s load affects your pace, so you’ll move slower and may get additional hazards.

Choose a Location For The Generator

It would be best if you didn’t place the generator inside any structures since it may affect your health. Putting it on the roof or spacious area will be the best solution.

The maximum range the generator works is 20 tiles on the x-y plane and as high as two floors. So ensure you have everything powered within this range.

Fuel the Generator

The generator requires gas to power.

So, before using the generator, right-click on it and select “Generator Info” to check the remaining fuel. If the energy is too low, you must find a gas tank that can refill 80% of a generator’s fuel tank, then right-click on the generator, select “Add Fuel“, and choose a gas tank.

The generator’s condition decreases by 1,2% daily, depending on how many devices are connected.

If the generator’s condition is lower or equal to 20%, it may explode or catch fire. So we suggest checking its condition frequently and using Electronic Scrap to repair it if necessary.

Connect the Generator

When everything is OK, right-click on the generator and select the “Connect Generator” option.

Remember that you need an Electrician job, or you must find and read the recipe magazine “How to Use Generators” to unlock this ability.

It’s worth noting that the generator’s power consumption is based on how many devices are connected and the types of devices, so its runtime may vary.

Also, an operating generator can be heard within a radius of 10 tiles. So prepare yourself since zombies can come and mess things up.

That’s all you need to know about how to use a generator in Project Zomboid.

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