Crusader Kings 3 – How to Get Primogeniture

One of the hardest parts of Crusader Kings 3 is the succession. This is when all of your work can be instantly lost, and you will have to fight and assassinate to get it back.

However, there is a succession law that fixes this constant problem that partition brings, and that is primogeniture.

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But it seems that primogeniture is not available when the game starts, and you can’t see any requirements to actually get it.

Well, here is how you can get primogeniture in Crusader Kings 3 and fix the succession crisis once and for all.

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What is Primogeniture in Crusader Kings 3?

There are many succession laws in CK3, and primogeniture is the best one out of the bunch. With primogeniture, you make sure that your oldest heir inherits every title that you have.

Your other heirs won’t receive anything when you die, but you will have to make sure that they get some territories from you if you don’t want problems with Prestige.

Since primogeniture fixes most of the problems you will have during your CK3 playthrough, the developers have made sure that you can’t get it easily.

How to Get Primogeniture in Crusader Kings 3

To choose the primogeniture succession law in CK3, you will first need to learn the Primogeniture cultural innovation.

However, players will only get access to this innovation after the year 1200. So, even if you choose the late 1066 start date, you will still have to play at least 140 years before you could actually use primogeniture.

Just researching the Primogeniture cultural innovation will also take at least 20 to 30 years. Once that is done, you will need to head over to your succession laws and implement them.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to change your succession laws if your powerful vassals don’t approve, so make sure to also take care of them. You can’t even have one powerful vassal that opposes your succession law change.

By getting the Primogeniture cultural innovation, you also get access to the Ultimogeniture succession law.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get primogeniture in Crusader Kings 3!

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