How to get the Maintenance Keycard in Sons of The Forest

Sons of the Forest has a multitude of activities and distractions across the map. From caves to enemy encampments, there’s tons of variety littered everywhere. One of those distractions involves investigating the little green circles that appear on your map. Inside many of these are items you’ll find very useful or even necessary. One of these items is the Maintenance Keycard, and we’ll explain how to locate it in Sons of the Forest.

Sons of the Forest – Steps to acquire the Maintenance Keycard

The Maintenance Keycard is located in the northwest area of the map (image below). But to get it, you’re going to need the shovel. If you don’t have the shovel in Sons of the Forest, yet no worries. We have a guide available for you to read if you want in-depth steps. It is a long process and you need it for multiple things in Sons of the Forest, so we recommend doing this early.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Locating the keycard within the maintenance hatch

Once you have the shovel, you should go to the area on the map seen above, then start digging and looking for a maintenance hatch in the ground. After unearthing the maintenance hatch, go down into that area. When you’ve descended the ladder into the dark below, continue down the corridor.

After continuing down the corridor, you’ll be greeted with the option of going straight or turning right. Continuing straight will lead to a dead end with some goodies, but if you turn to the room on your right you should find a room with a 3D printer, and the keycard you’re looking for. Don’t forget to also look around this room, because there’s some goodies for you to grab here as well.

The Maintenance Keycard is used to access other locations in Sons of the Forest and is required to get certain items, like the crossbow.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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