How to remove and embed traits

Weapons in Wo LongFallen Dynasty can have up to four traits that grant certain bonuses. These bonuses range from increasing damage to decreasing Spirit costs. They don’t do much on their own but they stack and, considering that you can have multiple pieces of gear at use at once, stacking the same trait five times really adds up. To help with this, this guide is going to explain how to remove and embed traits in Wo Long. It’s not difficult, but it can take a fair amount of sifting through your inventory before you’re able to find anything worthwhile.

To start with, talk to the blacksmith in the Hidden Village. She presents you with a list of options including one that says “Salvage”. Pick this and then take a look at any weapons or gear in your inventory that you don’t want. Every piece of gear has salvageable material, which includes steel and leather relative to its rank. But traits marked in red can be acquired by themselves. All you have to do is salvage an item you don’t want to gain an item bearing this trait. Then just back out to the main menu and select “Embedment” from the list.

How to remove and embed traits in Wo Long

You’ll once again be greeted with a list of your inventory items. Select the item you want your newly salvaged trait on and you’ll be asked to remove one of the traits that are currently on it. Then you simply need to replace that trait with the the one you want. It doesn’t cost anything other than the item you received from the previous salvage, so there’s not really anything standing in your way from taking advantage of this feature. That’s all you need to do to remove and embed traits in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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