Project Zomboid – How to Boil Water

In Project Zomboid, clean water is essential for many activities. In addition, finding safe and clean water sources may be challenging, so boiling is a reliable way to purify it.

This guide will show you how to boil water in Project Zomboid.

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In Project Zomboid, you can boil water by filling it in a cooking pot or saucepan. Next, place it over a heat source, such as an Oven or Campfire, and wait a while for the water to be boiled.

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How to Boil Water in Project Zomboid

As mentioned above, you’ll need a water container like a cooking pot or a saucepan to collect the water before boiling it.

Here’s how to get them.

1. Collect a Water Container

A cooking pot, an item that has 25 units of capacity, is a suitable type of water container. You can find it in the kitchen of any house or building.

Furthermore, a saucepan is a weapon and a common water container. It has the same capacity as the cooking pot.

You can find a saucepan on kitchen counters in houses or restaurants.

Once you have a cooking pot or saucepan in your inventory, right-click on the water source, select “Fill“, and choose the container you want to fill water in.

2. Collect Water

When you have a water container, let’s find a water source!

There are many water sources throughout the game. Inside the buildings, you can get water from faucets, bathtubs, or toilets. But remember that their water capacities decrease by 20 units until the outage.

You must have a bottle or any type of container in your inventory to contain water. Right-click the water source and choose “Fill“.

You can also obtain water directly from lakes or rivers, but you must keep an eye on the surroundings since these water sources are populated with zombies.

Last, you can collect water from wells, rain collector barrels, or water coolers.

3. Find and Start a Heat Source

There are several heat sources in Project Zomboid, but not all of them can boil water.

Ovens are heat source that is only in restaurants or houses. An oven has a bell or an alarm that keeps the food away from burning.

However, you can’t pick up the Oven. Moreover, since the Oven requires electricity, it’s useless if the power is off.

A campfire is another heat source.

It’s easy to use and check when the fuel is low, but it increases the risk of burning and fire spreading, even when standing beside it.

The way you use the heat sources depends on their energy requirements.

If you use the campfire as the heat source, move next to it, use the lighter or matches to light it up, then left-click on the campfire and drag the item (for example, a cooking pot with water) to the campfire inventory.

If you use the Oven for boiling, make sure it is connected to the generator power, then right-click on the Oven and select “Turn On“.

You can then drag the water container to the oven inventory or right-click the water container items in your inventory and select “Put in Container (Oven)“.

It takes a little bit of time to heat the water, so be patient. You can check the remaining time by hovering the mouse over the pot or saucepan.

The Oven has an alarm that will ring when the progress is completed. If you boil water on the campfire, you have to check the time manually.

Remember to turn off the Oven after use, or it’ll burn the house down.

The word “Tainted” in water will disappear after boiling, so you can finally use it to your liking.

That’s how to boil water in Project Zomboid.

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