How to access the storehouse in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

As you’ve played Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you’ve no doubt noticed that you can send unneeded items to the storehouse. But the game is less than clear on how exactly you’re supposed to access the storehouse. There’s no option to use it at flags, nor is there a physical location for you to visit and the game never explicitly tells you what to do. Luckily, we’ve got your back and can tell you exactly how to get to your storehouse items, even if doing so may not be quite as user-friendly as one might hope.

To access your storehouse in Wo Long, you first need to head back to your old friend the blacksmith in the Hidden Village. Just go talk to her like normal and you’ll get her list of functions. You can see that there isn’t a storehouse option on this list, but the trick is that you can actually access it via any option here. Select anything, even decoration, and you’ll be taken to a look at your inventory. Look into the top right corner and you’ll notice that it says “inventory”, which shows that you’re indeed looking at the items on your person. Press the X button if you’re on and Xbox controller or the Square button on PlayStation and that word will switch to “storehouse”, showing that you’ve made the switch.

How to access the storehouse in Wo Long

This will switch your item list over to the storehouse and you can send any of these directly to your inventory by selecting an item (or a stack of them) and sending them to your inventory, pretty much the exact same way you sent items to the storehouse to begin with. This is fairly unintuitive and more than a little confusing if you don’t notice the storehouse option in the upper-right hand corner, but now you know and we can put this Wo Long storehouse nonsense behind us. And do a better job of keeping your inventory sorted while you’re at it.

Screenshot by PC Invasion

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