Project Zomboid – How to Board Up and Barricade Windows

When the undead wanders outside, it’s essential to reinforce the windows to delay zombies breaking in or defend against intruders. Moreover, securing your house can significantly increase your survival chance.

This guide will show you how to board up and barricade windows in Project Zomboid.

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To board up and barricade windows in Project Zomboid, you have to collect tools and materials such as nails, wooden planks, and metal bars. Then choose which windows to reinforce, right-click on them, and select “Barricade”.

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How to Board Up and Barricade Windows in Project Zomboid

Here are the steps to board up and barricade windows in Project Zomboid.

1. Obtain the Correct Tools

To board up and barricade in Project Zomboid, you’ll need specific tools like a Hammer, a Propane Torch, and a Welder Mask.

A Hammer is required for crafting a barrier for windows. It’s also a one-handed weapon.

You can get a Hammer from tool stores, army bases, or in crates and mental shelves.

Next, Nails are required to barricade doors or windows. Generally, the amount of nails needed for barricading is 2 to 4.

Nails are available in various places: hardware stores, factories, tool sheds, garages, and storage locations. Moreover, you can dismantle wooden furniture to obtain nails.

You’ll need a Propane Torch if you want to barricade windows with metal. A Propane Torch is a drainable tool that needs propane gas to refill.

In addition to metal barricading, you’ll need a Welder Mask combines with a Propane Torch for metalworking.

You can get both in logging factories, tool stores, garages, and storage units.

Alternatively, you can loot the Welder Mask from mechanic zombie corpses.

2. Gather Materials

Next, let’s collect the necessary materials.

A Wooden Plank is an important material for fortification in Project Zomboid.

You can find Plank in crates in warehouses or any storage buildings. It also is obtained by ripping away houses or smashing doors.

On the other hand, you can use an Axe to cut down trees, then use the Saw to make Wooden Planks from Logs, though this process consumes a lot of time.

Generally, you’ll need 1-4 Wooden Planks to barricade a window in Project Zomboid.

If you want to board up and barricade windows with metal, you should look for Metal Sheets.

A Metal Sheet can be crafted from 4 Small Metal Sheets, or you can look for it in logging factories, sheds, and tool stores.

You only need one Metal Sheet for each window.

Another alternative for metal barricading is the Metal Bar. For each window, you’ll need 3 Metal Bars.

You can find Metal Bars in logging factories, tool stores, or construction workers’ vehicles.

3. Board Up and Barricade Windows

Before barricading the windows, remember to kill all the zombies, then go around the house to ensure it’s safe.

Make sure you have all the required items in your inventory. Then choose the window you want to board up and go close to it.

Once again, ensure you stay inside the house, as you can barricade the window outside.

Right-clicking on the window, select “Barricade“. You can see a plank across the window when your character has done the job.

You can barricade the window up to three times. Each time requires one Plank, two Nails, and a Hammer.

If the number of planks on the windows exceeds 2, you won’t be able to see anything outside of your house.

Metal resources can be used to reinforce your windows. A metal barricade requires either a Metal Sheet or Metal Bar to craft. Right-click on the window, then select the “Barricade (Metal Sheet)” option.

A metal barricade costs a Metal Sheet or three Metal Bars, while a Propane Torch and a Welder Mask are mandatory for metalworking.

Metal barricades are more substantial than wooden barricades, so they take longer to make. Metal Sheets and Metal Bars contain 5000 HP, while Wooden Plank only has 1000 HP.

That’s how to board up and barricade windows in Project Zomboid.

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