PlayStation Ordered to Refund FIFA Ultimate Team Packs

An Austrian court has found that EA’s FIFA Ultimate Team packs constitute gambling and has ordered Sony to refund plaintiffs who filed the complaint as the packs were purchased via the PlayStation Store.

FIFA Ultimate Team is no stranger to controversy

FIFA Ultimate Team packs are a major moneymaker for EA and have often been likened to a game of chance. The value of the packs vary greatly and don’t always reflect the money spent purchasing them.

EA’s response to the debate has been to remind parents that children should not be purchasing the packs but if a former employee caught selling rare Ultimate Team cards for cash is any indication, EA knows that there’s a thin line between these packs and gambling, if there is one at all.

Since the lawsuit was filed by a small group, Sony has only been ordered to refund a miniscule amount, according to Notebook Check (via TheGamer) but the company is expected to appeal the decision because not doing so will set a precedent that’ll certainly open doors for more lawsuits in the future.

Neither EA nor Sony have responded publicly to the news. FIFA is unlikely to release a statement since it has parted ways with EA.

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