You can now try fishing game Dredge before you buy with this new Switch demo

Those who can’t wait to try out the mysterious upcoming fishing game, Dredge, will be able to try before they buy, courtesy of a new playable demo that’s currently available on Switch.

We already knew that Dredge, the sinister fishing game from Black Salt Games and publisher Team 17, is out on 30th March 2023, but Black Salt Games has also detailed what’s available in the game’s various editions, too.

DREDGE | Pre-Order Trailer

There are several different versions to consider, although the pricing structure is a touch convoluted – here’s how it breaks down…

First up, the standard base game will be available on PC, Xbox, and Switch, retailing for £22 on all platforms apart from PlayStation, which is selling the game a little cheaper at £20. There’s also a digital edition, too, that includes the Blackstone Key DLC that “grants players access to the mysterious workshop on Blackstone Isle. That’s available for £31 on PC, £24 on Switch and Xbox, and £22 on PS.

The physical edition, on the other hands, costs £30 on Switch or £25 for either console, and includes a physical poster, a “meticulously crafted artbook and sticker set”, a digital soundtrack, and “additional in-game items to help players kick-start their sea-faring adventures”. Publisher Team 17 says you can pick it up from “participating retailers”.

All pre-orderers will secure a “platform-exclusive” fishing rod.

Dredge calls on you to unravel a mystery as you dredge the depths, studying your craft and fishing to survive whilst you “fight the unfathomable” courtesy of your quick mind and abilities.

Players can look forward to dredging up some mystery on PC, Switch, and current- and last-gen consoles from 30th March.

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