Cities: Skylines II Annnounced, Releasing This Year

Cities: Skylines II was announced at today’s Paradox Announcement Show, and it’s coming later this year.

This follow-up builds upon its 2015 predecessor with new features, such as fully-realized transportation and economy systems. Paradox didn’t reveal too many other specifics beyond stating in a press release that the game features “ a wealth of construction and customization options and advanced modding capabilities.” Cities: Skylines II is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S (including Game Pass), and PC. Check out the teaser trailer below:

The original game was a big success, having sold over 12 million copies and filling the simulation gap left by SimCity’s hiatus. Developer Colossal Order has supported it with multiple updates and expansions, including a VR port and a recent current-gen remaster. You can read our original reviews of Cities: Skylines on PC here and the console edition here. 

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