HBO’s The Last of Us Defies Trends as Viewership Continues to Soar

The Last of Us HBO TV show has defied trends by once again breaking its viewership records. Where most TV shows tend to lose viewers as the season continues onwards, The Last of Us has managed to increase its viewership by 74% since its debut episode.

The Last of Us TV show viewership reaches 8 million

The penultimate episode of The Last of Us TV show reached a massive 8.1 million viewers last weekend, a record for the show according to Variety. While HBO had not released figures for episodes 5-7, episode 4 had managed to accrue 7.5 million viewers and was the previous record holder. Bearing in mind the show debuted with 4.7 million viewers, this is also a 74% increase since the show started.

The Last of Us was HBO’s second most-successful debut after House of the Dragon, which began with 9.99 million viewers. However, this show never grew its viewership, remaining fairly steady and ending the season on 9.3 million viewers, with episode 2 being its peak. Another example is The Walking Dead, which peaked in 2014 with 17.29 million viewers for the Season 5 debut episode; this show ended its final season on approximately 1.4 million viewers.

The final episode of The Last of Us is set to air this weekend but is expected to “massively” divide fans according to Ellie actress Bella Ramsey.

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