How Much is the Oni 2.0 Bundle?

The Oni Collection is getting its second iteration, available after Episode 6 Act 2 goes live. This skin line is one of the most popular sets ever made in Valorant, so the 2.0 version is expected to cash in on a massive amount of profit when it gets released. After the leak and eventual confirmation of the bundle, the hype for this collection has gotten very high. With its imminent release in the Valorant Store, players wonder how much VP they will need to buy the whole set.

How Much is the Oni 2.0 Collection

Since this is probably one of Valorant’s most premium skins, we can expect that the whole bundle will get pretty expensive. Players have the option to buy the cosmetic items either as a complete set or individually. Here is everything you need to know about the Oni 2.0 pricing: 

  • Oni Ares – 1775 VP
  • Oni Vandal – 1775 VP
  • Oni Bulldog – 1775 VP
  • Oni Frenzy – 1775 VP
  • Onimaru Kunitsuna – 5350 VP
  • Oni EP 6 Buddy – 475 VP
  • Oni EP 6 Card – 375 VP
  • Oni Ep 6 Spray – 325 VP
  • Whole Oni Bundle – 7100 VP

If you are looking to collect every Oni 2.0 skin, it is better to get the whole bundle since the Katana is free if you get the package. Each weapon item in this collection has four variants. It would be best to unlock them using Radianite Points, which you can acquire by finishing the battle pass or buying them from the in-game store. 

Oni 2.0 Release Date

The whole bundle will be available during Valorant Episode 6 Act 2 on March 7. Official posts state that the Oni 2.0 will go live once the update is finished. Players can buy these skins from the shop as soon as the game goes live after the maintenance. Bundles usually stay for about a week or two before they are integrated into the Daily Rotation, so if you want to get your hands on one of the 2.0 skins, you should buy them while they are still the current banner.

The Oni Collection

With Oni 2.0, we will get a skin line covering most weapons in Valorant. The very first release of this set covered some of the most used guns in the game. Here are the weapons included in the original Oni Collection:

  • Oni Shorty
  • Oni Bucky
  • Oni Guardian
  • Oni Phantom
  • Oni Claw

Some still need a version of this Feudal Japan-inspired set. Here are the only remaining guns that do not have a variant of this collection:

  • Classic Pistol
  • Ghost
  • Sheriff
  • Stinger
  • Spectre
  • Judge
  • Marshal
  • Operator

Whether these guns will get Oni skins is unknown because we have yet to see a 3.0 release for previous collections. We will likely get variants of this collection for the remaining weapon and a third melee skin. However, players should note that any future 3.0 plans won’t appear anytime soon, so we should enjoy what we currently have in the current rotations.

Episode 6 Act 2

Aside from the Oni 2.0 Collection, we will also get many new game features when Episode 6 Act 2 goes live. The most notable of these new content will be the new agent, a new game mode, and the battle pass.


The upcoming agent is a unique character similar to Skye’s playstyle. Gekko can use various creatures to help initiate entries into sights. Here is a quick overview of his abilities:

  • Mosh Pit – throws Mosh like a grenade and scatters after landing with each duplicate, causing an explosion after a short delay.
  • Wingman – sends Wingman forward to seek enemies and fire concussive blasts or to plant and defuse spikes. This creature can be picked up after he expires.
  • Dizzy – propels dizzy into the air and fires blinding beams at enemies in his line of sight. This creature can also be picked up after expiring.
  • Ultimate: Thrash – sends out a controllable Thrash that can lunge at enemies and explode on impact. The explosion will detain nearby enemies within the radius. This creature can also be picked up one more time after the initial use.


Players will get another Deathmatch game mode during Ep 6 Act 2, and this one will shake things up because it has abilities enabled. Instead of guns-only normal DM or scaling weapons like Replication, HURM will allow gamers to practice their usage of skills and utilities without worrying about any objective.

New Battle Pass

We get a new battle pass with every major update, and this episode is no different. The most significant rewards from this season’s BP are the latest skins. Here are the sets that you can get if you buy the battle pass for this update:

  • Signature Skin line
  • Tilde Skin line
  • Topotek Skin line

If you aren’t interested in getting the new Oni 2.0 Collection, you should consider getting the BP. It has three sets of cool basic skins and other rewards. Make sure to read the patch notes when Ep 6 Act 2 goes live to see any other changes to the game. 

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