App Radar wants to use AI to make advertising easier

App marketing and analytics startup App Radar wants to make analysing user reviews easier with the use of new OpenAI integration technology.

App Radar’s new AI tech allows businesses to analyse hundreds of user reviews without needing to do so manually. It allows them to filter results by a variety of factors such as app, country and date range. Notably it is not only intended for studying a developer’s own reviews but also those of its competitors to identify key user acquisition strategies by understanding what these users are looking for and drawing out key insights without the need to spend a large amount of time breaking it down manually.

Head of growth at App Radar, Grete Ling commented on the capability of the new tech. “We are excited to offer this powerful competitor research tool which will help app marketers to cut through the noise and make decisions faster. By leveraging the capabilities of Generative AI, we are able to provide businesses with specific insights from thousands of reviews that are publicly available but impossible to be actually used without big data interpretation.”

AI analytics advertising artistry

The use of AI has frequently been a controversial topic, especially in terms of creatives. However, its use to understand and interpret large amounts of data for marketing that would otherwise be difficult if not impossible to analyse. And given that the data the tool uses is publicly available – i.e. app reviews – it’s possible to apply it to a rival’s app just as easily as using it to analyse your own.

User reviews can be brief or uninformative, making it difficult to draw any concrete conclusions from them. However, as a supporting tool, this could indeed prove invaluable for taking the legwork out of analysing reviews and allowing marketers to focus on the most pertinent tasks like developing strategies and informing UA.

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