Eureka Orthos, Loporrit quests, and more

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.35 released on March 6 and brought with it new content for players up to date to enjoy. Patch 6.35 offers five new sets of questlines, one new deep dungeon, and two different relic types for FFXIV. Let’s take a look at all the new content and how to unlock it.

FFXIV Patch 6.35 new content – Deep dungeons, crafting, and relics galore

Eureka Orthos

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Eureka Orthos is the new Deep Dungeon added to Mor Dhona in FFXIV patch 6.35. To venture in, players have to complete the Endwalker base patch and clear floor 50 in Palace of The Dead. For all characters fulfilling that requirement, up to 100 floors await to complete in Eureka Orthos.

Loporrit tribal quests

Maybe spending hours in the Deep Dungeon in hopes of reaching floor 100 only to wipe to a luring trap doesn’t appeal. If crafting content is more your speed and you still find the Loporrits and EDM endearing, you can also undergo their daily quests.

This requires Endwalker to be completed — they don’t appear until then, after all — but like many tribal quests it also has a quest chain prerequisite. You must have the Mare Lamentorum Aether Current quest ‘Name That Way’ done, then proceed with the next set of quests unlocked through it: ‘A Way To Make A Living,’ ‘One Way or Another,’ and finally ‘Dream A Little Dream.’

After completion, pick up ‘Must Be Dreaming(way)’ in Old Sharlayan from Dreamingway just outside of the Aetheryte. You need any crafting class at level 80 to accept it. Completing this quest will unlock the daily set of three quests to begin your Loporrit reputation journey — and some new tunes to boot.

Ffxiv Patch 6.35 New Content Loporrit Tribal Quests

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Somehow further Hildibrand Adventures

The Endwalker Hildibrand questline continues its periodic updates through the 6.x patches with four new quests added to the questline. If you’ve never picked up a Hildibrand quest, they’re a series of more lighthearted, comedic, and often cartoonish quests starting all the way back in A Realm Reborn, with a new story each expansion, excluding Shadowbringers. While goofy in nature, they offer interesting lore, but if that doesn’t appeal, their other new purpose might.

Manderville relic weapons

The Endwalker relic weapons are tied to the Hildibrand questline. This patch offers them an upgrade from their base Manderville form to Amazing Manderville for an item level of 630. That’s 15 whole points up from their base 615. Assuming you’ve done the entire questline and already own a relic weapon, upgrade it to Amazing by completing the new quests. Subsequent weapon upgrades require three Complementary Chrondites, bought with 500 astronomy tomes each from Jubrunnah (12.2, 10.9) in Radz-at-Hahn.

Splendorous Tools

The crafting equivalent of relic weapons for Endwalker were also released in FFXIV patch 6.35. This takes players back to the first areas of Shadowbringers yet again in the 6.x patches. While you need Endwalker completed, you also need previous Shadowbringers content finished. ‘The Crystalline Mean’ quest must be done and the Boutique of Splendors unlocked in Eulmore by speaking to Mowen. You’ll receive your first one immediately in a coffer, but more coffers are from Quinnana (X:10.4 Y:7.7) in the Crystarium.

To upgrade your tool, deliver new collectibles to Quinnana, then deliver items to Chora-Zoi (X:10.5 Y:7.7). The recipes require materials from new nodes in several of the Shadowbringers maps, so it’s time to live that crafting and gathering life properly if you want shiny new tools to craft with.

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