Deep Rock Galactic – How to Find Lost Helmets

In Deep Rock Galactic, lost helmets (or lost packs) are one of the important sources to farm pickaxe parts and victory moves.

So, knowing what they are and how to find them is essential since the game won’t introduce this mechanic at all.

In this article, let’s see how to find lost helmets in Deep Rock Galactic!

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Depending on the mission length, lost helmets have a 15%, 20%, and 35% chance to spawn in normal missions, respectively. Because lost helmets spawn in a random location on each mission, paying attention to their beeping sound is the only way to find them. The closer you are, the bigger the sound is.

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How to Find Lost Helmets in Deep Rock Galactic

Lost helmets can spawn in any normal mission except for deep dives and elite deep dives.

Since the chance they spawn depends on the mission length, there are multiple strategies to farm them effectively.

First, you can try speedrun multiple 1-length missions to find lost helmets easier. Remember to check the caves thoroughly, especially in the end cave in the Mining Expedition mission type.

On the other hand, always playing 3-length missions is another good way to find lost helmets.

Alternatively, joining missions late can be the most effective way to farm lost helmets because you don’t have to play the mission from the beginning all the way to the end but rather depend on your fellow dwarves.

However, doing so is considered a bad habit, according to the DRG community.

When you hear the beeping sound, try to go around and look for the helmet.

Note that the beeping sound can also come from the Cargo Crates. So don’t be happy just yet!

When you’ve found the glowing helmet lying on the ground, holding the “E” key to scan for the lost treasure.

Right after that, a small hidden room will be created in a random location.

You have to press the “Tab” or “M” key to open the Terrain Scanner and look for a small pink dot on the map. That’s where the hidden room is located!

Remember that this room is only created after you’ve scanned the lost helmet. So, you can’t just dig randomly to find those kinds of treasures in Deep Rock Galactic.

If you have the Driller on your team, wonderful! Digging through the complex cave system to reach the hidden room will be much easier.

Otherwise, good luck digging there, especially if you’re playing on missions in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone biome, where you must swing a package 3 times to break terrains.

The hidden room contains gold, crafting materials, and the lost pack, which gives you pickaxe parts, armor paintjobs, and other cosmetics.

Depending on the biome, you will receive different types of crafting materials, such as:

  • Azure Weald: Croppa and Umanite
  • Crystalline Caverns: Jadiz and Bismor
  • Dense Biozone: Bismor and Umanite
  • Fungus Bogs: Croppa and Jadiz
  • Glacial Strata: Magnite and Umanite
  • Hollow Bough: Jadiz and Bismor
  • Magma Core: Magnite and Bismor
  • Radioactive Exclusion Zone: Umanite and Enor Pearl
  • Salt Pits: Enor Pearl and Bismor
  • Sandblasted Corridors: Enor Pearl and Magnite

That said, lost helmets are also great sources to farm crafting materials.

That’s how to find lost helmets in Deep Rock Galactic.

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