How to get 5-star gear in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has more loot than you can possibly hope to hold in a single storehouse. There are dozens of different armor sets, along with various weapons, accessories, and useable items that swell your supplies to the breaking point. They’re all rated according to their rarity, up to 5 stars. Here’s our guide on how to get 5-star gear in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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Wo Long – How to get 5-star gear

Throughout the campaign, you’ll most commonly find equipment with a rating of 2 or sometimes 3 stars. Rarely, you might stumble across something extra special, indicated by 4 stars and yellow text. Equipment that has 5 stars displays green text and is considerably less common.

To get 5-star gear, you first need to beat the game. It doesn’t seem to drop ahead of that point. Once you defeat the final boss and the credits roll, you can select the ‘Rising Dragon’ difficulty when traveling to stages you’ve already cleared (at first, only some of them are available). You will find better gear when defeated enemies leave glowing points on the ground, especially when you defeat the more powerful adversaries.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Rising Dragon Difficulty

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You can improve the loot all enemies drop by equipping gear with Luck enhancement in place. This is easiest to accomplish with weapons, which you can enhance as you like using the embedment process. Just visit the blacksmith and remove jewels you don’t like on your existing weapons, then replace them with jewels that add Luck. You can also add Luck to helmets and gloves. Armor from the Entertainer set includes a Luck boost you can’t remove. And make sure to add Luck to any bows you equip, even if you rarely use them. The Luck gain still applies.

Besides enhancing your gear, equip the Master Smith Hammer in your secondary melee slot to improve your passive item drop rate. By the time you can play on a higher difficulty setting, you also have access to the Yinglong Divine Beast. Simply equip it using the ‘Battle Preparation’ option at any battle flag. Much like the Master Smith Hammer, it increases your equipment drop rate to A.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty 5 Star Accessory From Shitieshou

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Although you must rely on enemies to drop a lot of the equipment you might wish to obtain at 5 stars, accessories are the exception. Once you beat the game, start feeding 10 Jewel Fragments at a time to the panda Shitieshou creatures. Even on the standard difficulty setting, they will reliably cough up accessories rated at 5 stars. Check the stats on the loot you receive from them. Some of it, and not just the dice, might even improve your Luck rating. That way, you’re in an even better position to start farming.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam and the Xbox marketplace.

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