PS Plus Gets New Day One Release in April

PS Plus is getting a new day-one release in April, and it’s one you might not have seen coming. This means that both March and April will have had day-one PS Plus releases.

Meet Your Maker to launch on PS Plus on day one

Meet Your Maker will be launching on PS Plus on day one in April, which could be a huge boon for the game itself.

Meet Your Maker is a games-as-a-service title, in which you play through other players’ user-generated content that they’ve built. Thanks to the day one release, this may mean that the game finds a larger player base, which also means a larger variety of user-generated content. This in turn will lead to more people deciding to play the game and feeds into itself.

This follows the day-one release of Tchia later this month, which will be released on 21 March. Meet Your Maker will be available on 4 April, so it’s only a couple of weeks after Tchia.

It’s unclear currently as to whether or not this is a pattern that PlayStation plans to carry on into May and later months, but it’s a good sign that two different months are getting a day-one release.

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