How to get Pet Kemono Seeds

While others may feel cool when slaying Kemonos in their spare time, some people want to relax and befriend the small ones. One of the perks of capturing one is getting Pet Kemono Seeds. And this guide will show you how to gather Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts.

How to gather Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

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Wild Hearts has many materials to gather, such as Pet Kemono Seeds, to improve your armor and weapon. You can get these seeds as drops when you capture any of these Kemonos:

  • Frostberry Squirrels (Fuyufusagi Region)
  • Cancrown Viper (Harugasumi Way and Fuyufusagi Fort)
  • Berrybright Squirrel (Haragasumi Way and Fuyufusagi Fort)
  • Orangetufted Constrictor (Natsukodachi Isle and Akikure Canyon)
  • Cherrytinge Ladybug (Akikure Canyon and Harugasumi Way)

Although the chances are rare, you can still try to farm them by capturing these Kemonos. This method might upset some players who want to upgrade and craft a new armor set since it takes a lot of time, and drops are not guaranteed. Lastly, farming Pet Kemono Seeds using this method is only advisable if you haven’t unlocked a “certain” Karakuri, which we will discuss in the next section.

The best way to farm Pet Kemono Seeds in Wild Hearts

Wildlife Cage Karakuri Talent In Wild Hearts

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Now that you know which Kemonos you should capture, it’s time to exploit or “befriend” them. You will need Wildlife Cage Karakuri (1,000 Kemono Orbs) below the Launcher: Thrift skill for this method. You’ll most likely reach this section of Karakuri upgrades in Chapter 2.

Once you acquire this Karakuri upgrade, build one in your base. Interact with the empty cage and ensure that you place the listed Kemonos above. You should be able to harvest Pet Kemono seeds from them after a while. The best part about this method is that you can place multiple Wildlife Cages as long as you have enough resources, and then you can harvest multiple Pet Kemono Seeds after a hunt.

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