Where to find the Missing Students in Atomic Heart

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There are quite a few side activities to do in Atomic Heart, ranging from upgrade hunting to exploration for useful crafting materials. One such activity also includes a small detour of sorts involving a tour guide and a few students who have gone missing in the VDNH museum complex. The locations of these students are unmarked, so here’s a quick guide for your reference.

Atomic Heart – Missing student locations

First missing student

Atomic Heart Dead Student 1

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Go to the stairs on the second floor to see a dead girl near some dark tendrils on the walls. Talk to her to tag her as part of the tour guide’s request. One of the cleaning robots on the floor might try to block your access to the student. Zap the back of it with SHOK to send it scurrying away.

Second missing student

Atomic Heart Dead Student 2

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Right after talking to Oracle, go through the door they recently unlocked and head up the stairs to see the dead student lying on the floor. Go through the adjacent door and pick up the canister on the ground for a puzzle later.

Third missing student

Atomic Heart Student 3

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Another missing student can be found inside the medical wing on the third floor. You’ll have to fight a Plyusch to get to her, though — spam your abilities and use melee weapons to beat it. Once it’s dead, enter the new door that opens on the same floor as the boss fight and go through the corridor. Open the door at the end, fight off the bots, and speak to the student. She’s on the floor near the two robots posing on a pair of examination beds.

Atomic Heart: Where to find the fourth and final missing student

ms 4

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The last missing student is on the top floor. Fight your way past the Sprout-infested room and the bot-filled showroom, then make your way to the top floor via the elevator. The student will be at the top-most part of the large, cavernous area, right next to a power relay and a door that leads back to the rest of the open world.

With that, you’ve found all missing students in this section of Atomic Heart. You can now press forward.

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