Release date, character classes, world, PC requirements, and everything we know

As the release of Redfall looms over, developers Arkane Studios have been slowly releasing new information on its new co-op shooter. Borrowing elements from its other games like Prey and Dishonored 2, Arkane set to raise the bar even further. Redfall takes the formula of the zombie shooter and turns it on its head. Instead of fighting hordes of the undead, you and your friends will go up against something a lot worse– blood-sucking vampires. Here’s everything we know about Redfall so far, including the release date, classes, and PC requirements.

Redfall – Everything we know

Redfall – Release date

Following Microsoft’s Xbox Direct, Arkane announced Redfall has a release date May 2. While the game was originally planned to come out in the summer of 2022, the studio pushed the release date almost a year to polish Redfall.

Image via Bethesda

What platforms will Redfall be on?

Arkane has confirmed that the co-op shooter will available on Xbox Series X and PC through Steam and Epic. It will also be available on Xbox’s games service Game Pass day one. Redfall is a next-gen shooter, and won’t be available on the Xbox One directly. However, it’ll be playable on the older console via Xbox Cloud Gaming. So as long as your internet speed is fast enough, you should be able to play Redfall without any issues.

Story details

While Arkane hasn’t been explicit about the story, what we know the narrative of Redfall takes place in the fictional town of Redfall, Massachusetts. The story is centered around an experiment gone horribly wrong, turning almost everyone into a vampire. The ones who didn’t turn either joined a cult then turned or were killed off by the vampires. In other words, you won’t just be fighting vampires, but also crazed cult members. So the situation in Redfall is dire. It’s up to the four survivors to fight back the vampire threat and free the town.

Gameplay details

Borrowing elements from games like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood, Redfall is an online co-op first-person shooter with an open world. Arkane is known for its narrative-driven games and continues the formula here. Adding in highly creative level design, with the supernatural abilities each character gets, your party will get immersed early on.

Arkane’s games have always been about giving the player the freedom to play how they want, and Redfall is a highlight of that. Combining your guns and supernatural abilities, the game enables you to be more creative.

Most of the gameplay in Redfall isn’t linear, you can explore the open world and take on various side quests. This is where the game’s progression system comes into play. As you traverse the vampire-infested world, you will earn skill points that are unique to what character you are using. You’ll be able to spend them on the skill tree for your respective character.

Apart from the side missions, Redfall will have side activities as well. While you explore the world, you’ll be able to take back sections of the town, like liberating safe houses. If you do enough of these, a vampire Underboss will appear resulting in a massive fight. Once they go down, you get a skull. Collecting the required amount of skulls opens a doorway to go up against the Vampire Gods.

Redfall The Sun Being Blocked

Image via Bethesda

Can Redfall be played solo?

You won’t get the best idea if Redfall is just multiplayer or not since all the highlights show off the teamwork aspect. The good news is that Redfall can be a single-player experience as well. Unlike Left 4 Dead which has AI teammates for a solo playthrough, Redfall won’t. If you plan on going to fight the vampires that way, you’re going to be alone.

Regardless if you’re playing with friends or alone, Redfall will still need a consistent internet connection to run.

Redfall – Character classes

Redfall won’t have classes, but rather four unique characters each with their strengths that can help the team.

  • Jacob Boyer: He’s a long-range specialist with a high-powered sniper rifle that he can use from any distance. Jacob can also summon a raven that can distract enemies, helping the group take fewer hits.
  • Devinder ‘Dev’ Crousley: Dev’s loadout is filled with self-made vampire-hunting weapons. His staff emits ultraviolet light, which causes all the vampires nearby to burst into flames and die. He can be useful for clearing a large group of vampires.
  • Remi De La Rosa: Remi and her helpful robot Bribon can be the main firepower of the group. Her robot can be used in many ways like distracting or attacking the enemy. So if you’re looking for a more aggressive play style, Remi is a good pick.
  • Layla Ellison: The most interesting of the four. She can use her telekinetic powers which can manipulate the environment, push and pull objects, and generate shields. She also has an umbrella that when charged with kinetic energy can fire a massive blast at enemies.


Redfall From Left To Right Jacob Layla Remi Dev

Image via Bethesda

Will Redfall have cross-play?

There will be cross-play between all available platforms that Redfall is on.

Is Redfall coming to the PlayStation 5?

Since Arkane and its publisher Bethesda were bought by Microsoft in 2021, it looks unlikely that Redfall will be on Sony’s consoles. This is a move that would lock Arkane games to the Xbox ecosystem.

Redfall – PC system requirements

At the moment we know the minimum specs for Redfall. But we can expect more news for the recommended specifications closer to the release date. So let’s take a look at the specs.

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Intel Core i5 8400/AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Nivida GeForce GTX 1070/AMD Radeon RX 580
  • 6-8GB VRAM
  • 100 GB Storage

Redfall will be available via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Xbox marketplace.

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